help with PDA internet connection

17 Mar 2005
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United Kingdom
I need help connecting to my wireless network on my pda using windows mobile 5
I start by going to wireless config editor then find wlans after the scan I get the name of my network
Then I go to connect the profile id menu is filled in as
name belkin54g
essid belkin54g
Operating mode
infrastucture and allow any country
authentication none
encryption open
ip address entry dhcp
transmit power automatic
battery fast power save
then the belkin profile comes up with a yellow triangle and when I try to connect I get a message that says,
The profile you are trying to connect to may not connect due to regulatory issues.
Any advice please I wish to connect to the internet using my wireless broadband router modem all my pc’s are working ok just cant connect my pda
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as i said the incription is open
i disabled this on the router in an attempt to try to connect
when i try to open internet explorer the pda try's to connect to a dialup service ?
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I'm far from a Windows based PDA expert, however if its the same as a Laptop/PC , then you need to goto internet options , select never dial a connection, then click on LAN settings and make sure that Automatically detect network settings is ticked.

Reboot and try again. Appologies if you have already tried this , but as I dont use a Windows based PDA its a bit difficult for me to say :confused:

Edit. Again assuming that its the same as the full blown version of Windows, open network connections and right click on the wireless network connection and select properties.Click on Internet Protocol TCP/IP, then click Properties and make sure that 'Obtain a network address automatically is selected.

Also try a different channel on your Router.

Good luck :)