House redecoration costs (edited)

12 Mar 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi Guys,

Can somebody help please. Want to buy a three bed house 78sqm in a poor condition. Need to know an approximate price for redecorating.

Excluding bathroom and kitchen, need to strip old wallpaper, skim the walls, paint the walls, ceilings, door, cills, etc.

How mus would it approximately cost in Surrey?

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Best thing to do would be to invite at least three local tradesmen in to see the work, discuss it and quote accordingley as it is very difficult for anybody to offer a price with this amount of info and not having seen the work required or the standard you are expecting to achieve. I am sure there will be plenty of local tradesmen who will call to see it or, even better, try and get a recommendation from friends or family.
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House is empty. That helps. No VAT.
1 lounge or bedroom . This is my best guess having not seen it.
5 days to strip and skim. £850 labour plus £100 materials
5 days to paint room at £850 plus £120 materials. Depends on paint price and condition or wood ect.

Stairs is £2500 strip skim and paint

If you had a small room then a day to strip. 2 days skim. 2 days paint so it's possible to complete in 5 days allowing for drying. £1000 all in maybe. (Wish it was like that all the time, a grand for a weeks work)

So most trades are trying to get over £200 a day but customers are tyre kicking with cost of living, so some areas have more work than others. This effects prices and trade availablity.

Work has picked up with outside painting so that may effect the entire country with trade availablity and slightly higher rates.

This is jmo. Others will disagree.
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This is a DIY site.
Stripping wallpaper- tedious, timeconsuming but easy.
Skimming walls- how do you know they need skimming if they're papered. You may find the hardwall is falling to bits & needs removing, you then get into requirement to insulate to more modern standards.
Painting easy, the part where most people fail is the preparation- sanding, filling, cleaning.
Just had a 4mx4m room painted (walls and vaulted ceiling). No stripping required just a small amount of filling and then 3 coats of paint. Came to just under £950 for two days work.
Thank you guys, this gives me some idea. I needed a bulk sum, so I think £10k should be enough.
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Thank you guys, this gives me some idea. I needed a bulk sum, so I think £10k should be enough.

How old is the property. If it is Victorian, you may need to increase your budget, then again, it depends on the quality of finish that you are willing to live with.

I have charged more than that that (£12k) to redecorate just the first and second floor in a double fronted detached house in west London.

The house had previously been a HMO. The customer wanted a high quality of finish, and was willing to pay £23 ph (which is not expensive for the area).
£950 for a 4m x 4m room, just painting? How many workers?
I would do that on my own in a day and a half, so two days easy. I'd charge £300 plus materials! Think I need to put my prices up!

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