How can I test shower flow w/crap taps?

20 Jan 2003
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United Kingdom
So I've got a bit of a conundrum here.

I'm in the process of replacing my ancient tub and am trying to figure out if I need to call out an electrician to help me fit a power shower.

I have a combi boiler and I get excellent pressure to all taps, but not my old tub. I suspect (hope) this was due to the crap taps.

Is there any way I can test the pressure before I install my new tub? Why I'm asking - I don't have a supply of power in my bathroom, and the nearest circuit is on the other side of the room through the wall - and I need to tile the floor before I install the tub. So if I do that, install the tub, then find out I need a power shower (or some kind of pump), I'll kinda be screwed unless there is something I can wire in near the combi.

Sorry for the convoluted post.

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You can't pump hot water from a combo.
The flow is likely to be the same as from any other of your taps, just appearing less due to the design of the tap.
Try filling a jug from the kitchen hot tap and timing it and then try the same at the bath at the same temp.
You are most likely to get a better shower with even a small combo than any electric shower.
Thanks for your reply.

So you're saying even though the combi is downstairs and near the kitchen, if the flow of the kitchen tap is "n litres per min" I should ideally expect the same from the tub?

Or would it be better to test the hot water flow from the bathroom tap - it's in the same room as the tub and has always had excellent flow?
You could test the flow rate at all the hot taps.
I wouldn't expect a noticeable difference of flow rates at the same temperature.
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Thanks, but dumb question - what is a "good" result I should expect?

My aim is to install one of those "waterfall" shower heads so I know the higher the better...

What size of combo boiler do you have in KW
You would need a big combi to provide a decent waterfall shower with reasonable temperature
a 24 kw combo would deliver a fine shower with a reasonable shower head but would feel poor in a waterfall type.
In my opinion fancy showers don't half waste a lot of water.
How wet can one get in a shower?
It's 24W - so I guess I wont be able to go full blown waterfall. To be honest, a big head is all I want.

The wife is a bath person, but I need a good shower.

So I guess assuming I don't have blockage in my pipes, then I should be able to get by w/o a power shower?

Thanks again.

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