How come my posts are being hijacked?

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By Sooey? Every post I make, he pops up, and quotes me, putting big x marks up to words he/she feels are spelt incorrectly.

I presume he is a part of a corrupt admin, and allowed to do this, as I have had no response from admin, from the various amounts of complaints lodged.

But many of the words highlighted, are in fact spelt correctly, or if a typing mistake occurred, better than a lot of posts, but this user Sooey, seems to single me out for abuse, and degradation.

This person also seems to word search me, and point out words that I've used more than any other? Does that quality as stalking? Stalking is a criminal offense.

Can admin clarify their point on this illegal response by a member/admin?
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Do get a life FFS.

If everything you say is correct get a solicitor, see what they say.

Fiver says he`ll ( or she, of course) will laugh you out of their office.
Not open for further replies.
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