How good are you at drinking?

25 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
According to this test, I scored 11... that's not very good though, I'm only halfway through the "risky" bit on the scale. ;)

I know I shouldn't trivialise alcoholism and the very real binge-drinking problem, but I am somewhat sceptical about this test. Perhaps that's denial, or perhaps it is because the test missed out rather important questions like "what kind of drinks do you have?"... surely drinking neat vodka indicates you are more at risk than someone who can only stomach 3.5% bitter?

And whilst the 28 units/week recommended limit assumes you spread that out over 7 days, surely it is worse to drink 4 units every single day than to drink 10-14 units on a Friday and again on a Saturday? I'm thinking about the effects on your career as much as health here. Would you be more concerned about an employee who partied on Friday nights or one who drank every night of the week?

And the whole "drinking more than you could before" thing: when I was 18 I had glandular fever, during which time my weight dropped below 10 stone (I'm 6'2") and my liver was severely weakened. So, of course I didn't drink at all for ages, and when I was allowed to start again 3 pints was enough to get me rat-a**ed... but now I'm a portly 17 stone with a fully-recovered liver so isn't it common sense that I can drink more than I could before? Or does this mean I am an alcoholic?

I'm certainly not a "lead belly"... I can't drink neat spirits without gagging, I rarely drink more than 1 bottle of wine or 4 pints in a session and if I'm driving I don't drink at all. Just because you can drink 10 pints when the situation demands it, you're not a dangerous drinker, are you?

I think "Alcohol Concern" should possibly have a slight rethink... "drinking until you are drunk makes you a binge drinker"... why the hell would you drink alcohol if you don't intend to get drunk? :LOL: Drinking alcohol for the sake of it is surely a worse health risk, there are plenty of alcohol-free beverages to choose from.
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I'm only a 7 but, to be honest, I hardly get to go out these days. My main trouble comes about once every three months when I have to go out to the US for a week on business.

Drinking their weak beer isn't a problem, but then I get started on the spirits with something called Rumplemints being my favourite. A few of them and I'm soon into blackout territory, getting back to the hotel in mysterious ways.....
11 ... sharp intake through teeth -- plumber style !!

I got 7 but I wasnt honest :LOL:

edit ::::Just did it again being honest got 13
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How good am I at drinking? I tried your test and only scored 12 out of a possible 40 :cry: I will try to improve my score, pass me the vodka. :)
Well I scored 1 like 73% of the population.

I probably have one drink (half a bitter) every 6 months.

14 :eek:

Which they say is "Your score is higher than 73.5% of UK adults. :D
Link defo not working mate, please post again. Would be interested 2 see how i score, but I already know the answer i think :oops:
3 I must be getting boring in my old age. Yes just three. A few years back it would have been off the scale :LOL:
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