how to repair broken neff electric oven door

10 Oct 2003
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United Kingdom
I've got a fairly old (about 8-10 years) neff electric oven (standalone under-counter single electric fan assisted oven, conventional, not microwave - sorry don't know what the model is, it doesn't say on it). It works fine, except that part of the door handle has broken off. Because of the construction of the oven door, the handle is required to hold the rest of it together, so it looks like I've got the following options:
i) buy a new oven
ii) get a replacement door
iii) repair the door

Doesn't look like ii) is an option (the repair people I've called up won't replace the door), and they won't repair it either. Admittedly I've not called up that many people though. I'd obviously rather not go for buying a new oven if I can avoid it.

I was hoping I could fix it myself, by ideally glueing it back together. Does anyone know if I could use araldite for something like this? I'm a bit worried about its heat resistance (the bit I'm glueing could get quite hot; it's not actually inside the oven, but does contact it), and any potentially dangerous fumes etc. that might be released from set araldite that has heated up.
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Nothing wrong with trying araldite except that I seem to remember it not being recommended for extended high temperature use - it tends to weaken.

A couple of points though, if the handle has to take a force of any description then it's highly unlikely that araldite (for all its strength) will be good enough to effect a lasting repair. You need to assess where and how force will be appplied to the handle. You may need to consider using additional reinforcement rather than depend on the adhesive alone. For example, if it was a type of door knob you could look at inserting a metal pin so that it would provide extra strength.

All a bit of a pain but still cheaper than buying a new oven. BTW spares for ovens can be horrendously expensive.

Good luck. :)
that's good news, I'll give araldite a shot. I think I should be able to insert a bit of wire or something to help hold it together rather than relying on araldite alone, hopefully will help reinforce it.
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How about buying a handle, have you enquired ?
There is a plate with model number and other data, usually just below the oven opening on vertical face, visible with door open.

BTW I have 10 yr old Neff Circotherm 1031-SP under oven going strong ! I guess you mean the full width handle with vent ?

Good repair stuff :- Plastic Padding SUPER STEEL epoxy weld ... widely stocked. .. Ok for many demanding uses .. used it in engineering to great effect, best one I have tried.
I repaired a thin sectioned plastic guide for a cooker hood.
I reinforced the joint with some thin metal strips (cardboard box large metal staples trimmed to retain the straight portion) laid across the back of the join, applied the epoxy to butting edges, and a reasonable coverage on the back face over the metal strips and the joint .. applied the old hairdryer to promote quicker setting, the joint seems rock solid, it is subject to a fair few forces opening and closing the hood, fan actuating panel and is still fine a year later.
My Neff oven E number is B1120W1GB/02
Spares for that :-
And an exploded vu :-
Part number may be of use.
Gasp !!! £49.44 for handle alone !! Have not tried other suppliers - up to you now.

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