How's your luck with Premium Bonds?

Do they notify all winners at the same time?
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How much do you have in savings and where do you have it?

Anyone can check their winnings online or on the app on the day of the draw.

Nothing yet.

Thinking of investing.

Dont they email you if you win?
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Dont they email you if you win?
They do but it takes a few days after draw before you get the notification although if you don’t have any savings, what are you going to use to buy them with?

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I see. You need to check on draw day or wait for email....

How long then before you get the dosh in your account?
In May, the draw was on the 3rd, I got notified on the 4th and the money was in my bank account on the 10th. Had I not elected to have my winnings paid out and chose the option of buying more bonds and adding them to my holding, it might have taken longer but that would be irrelevant because they would not go into the following months draw until ……the following month!
Well, after last months £1125 win, between my wife and myself, we have now won £550 between us.

Very lucky, so far this year.

Bit of a surprise because I've been running the balance down.

No doubt it will come in useful.
I can't sleep because of an effing crunching/clicking shoulder pain that just won't go away
I know I'm a bit late to the party on this one but might it be your mattress? My sore back a few years ago went away when I swapped out the block of foam I'd been sleeping on for 7 years, for a pocket spring memory foam thing..

On topic I saw a news article a few days ago that NS&I had incorrectly paid out an impressive sum to lots of people due to some cockup with interest rate changes - was it 600 quid to a million people? Can't remember.. Anyone here get that?

I read an article about the chances of winning that claimed the odds of winning a million were 1 in 60 trillion.. The lottery has much better odds, though granted you don't get any money you put into lottery tickets back..
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