I don't understand my upstairs lighting circuit!

29 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
Hi there me again.

I've been let loose upstairs today and have removed an old fan light from the spare room with a view to adding a new ceiling pendant and moving the light switch (currently behind the door).

The light switch was actually just a blanking plate with live, earth and netural in a choc box.

Chopped out and added new back box etc and went into the loft to find the junction box etc. Spent ages discovering that there are no junction boxes in the loft. The circuit goes round from the switch to the light. What lighting circuit is this called?

Second question - I put the new ceiling pendant up and I have to many wires for the pendant.

The pendant has two lives, four loops and three neturals.

Coming through the ceiling, I have two live, two netural and two earth.

I've had a look at the lighting diagrams //www.diynot.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7553&start=3 here but can't see the one applicable to me?!

Any ideas/advice would be gratefully received!

Thanks in advance
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sounds to me like you have a standard loop in system, with the exception it branches out at the light you mention, so instead of one loop in, and one loop out, its one loop in, and two loops out, someones probably added an extra light at some point (possibly for a loft of external light?)

and all the wires should some through the ceiling, you shouldn't have choc blocks just pushed into the loft void on their own, if there is not enough room in the fitting for all the connections, then use a junction box in the loft void, make sure its accesable though (if its under a loft board, mark on the board the existance of a junction box below)
Thanks for the reply - I've put all the wires through but don't know where to connect them to.

At the moment, netural and earth are in the netural and earth slots, and the live from the switch is in the pendant live slot and the other live is in the pendant loop slot
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Well, the light doesn't work when I switch it on! so I'd like to know where I should be putting these wires! :LOL:

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