I feel Like The Victor Meldrew Of Mobile Users!

11 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
I know I have posted a load of mobile-related stuff recently, however..

I have a warning to people who lose their phones/sims.

I will not mention any names as the dispute is far from solved.

The following is a bit confusing, but stick with it!!

I currently have two sims one with Service Provider A and one with SP B.

I lost an unlocked handset (bought from a retailer unconnected to any mobile service provider), along with a sim from SP B that happened to have been used in that phone.

I reported the sim lost, and asked the SP to block sim B. I did not mention the handset to SP B, but asked SP A to block it, as they held details of the IMEI number. Unknown to me, SP B knew the IMEI number as their sim had used the phone, and they blocked the handset too, without my knowledge.

Then 3 weeks later, I found the offending items. I rang the SP's and asked SP A to unblock the phone, and SP B to unblock the sim, which they did.

But I soon discovered that the phone would not work with any other SP other than the one whose sim card I had unblocked.

So I rang SP A to ask why their sim would not work in the phone. They ran checks and found out that thy had indeed unblocked the handset on all networks, but that SP B had unblocked the handset on their network only!

So my unlocked handset is now, in effect, locked to SP B, but SP B are refusing to acknowledge this fact, stating that their records show my sim as being unblocked on 28 July and it must be OK because their sim is working in the handset!

Furthermore, if any other sims fail to work, then the fault must lie elsewhere and I should complain to the respective network provider......

Give me strength!

They fail to comprehend that my previously unlocked phone was fine with any sim card prior to the loss....

If I can't get anywhere with them, I'm going to ask them to replace the handset.

I am very, very annoyed! :evil:

This is ridiculous!

So be warned. If you lose a handset that is unlocked, make sure any block your network provider places on it is fully removed.
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Having worked for an SP for 12 years I understand your problem & the fact that customer services dont understand what you are telling them. If you have asked to speak to a manager / supervisor & have done so, then I would suggest you write to the Operations manager.
You can block your phone yourself by just entering a certain code into it. I have do this on a phone that was blocked so it only worked with 1 networks sim card but now it works with all of the other networks too.

If you try this link and follow the instructions i'm pretty sure it would work for you, it cost £4.50 which isn't going to break the bank, but if you search on google for 'unlock mobile phone' there are hundreds more.

I reckon I`m the V. M. " I dont Have One" never have never will :eek: :LOL:
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Si, my email is still as per my profile, send your IMEI, phone model and original network, I can do the same as the websites that have been mentioned but it won't cost you £4.50!
Wherever you see a screen name in blue, click on it.

There may be an easier way (I'm sure someone will tell you if there is), but you can search for the person you want to contact typing in thir screen name in the author box of the search facility, then clicking on it when found.
Here's an update as of today:

Ofcom are putting in an official complaint against SP B, whether this will make a difference, I don't know.

The retailer of the handset will replace it under warranty. He thinks having been barred by two different SP's may have confused the software of the handset.

I'm not convinced, I think SP B are to blame, but now we may never know.
Hi, I could be wrong but I don't think removing the SIM lock is the issue here. It sounds more likely that the IMEI has been barred on all networks (ie blacklisted) and then reinstated on your SP network only. Changing stuff on the phone will have no effect.

I think they are sep. issues, but it was worth a try.

I believe that blacklisting an IMEI is different to locking an IMEI to a network.

Ofcom don't believe it is possible for any network to unblock a handset just for their network, which is what SP B told me.

I'm well confused, but happy the handset will be replaced under wty.
this thread has just brought on a head ache an I was only after saying I dont believe it ,lol
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