ideal isar he35 inital startup / connection

15 Feb 2005
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United Kingdom
Just got an ideal izar he35 and have replaced my conventional boiler with this new fangled combi.

removed the tank/powerflushed the system, replaced lots of burst rads when it pressurised,etc

I'm at the stage where i need to connect up the gas and go through the start up procedure.

Decided the best way would be to let a corgi registered person do it

as i do not know how to 'purge the air in the system using the approved techniques' or how to connect the gas

however having called a multitude of corgi registered plumbers and getting really arsey guys telling me that
'i have to be corgi registered to fit it'
'you will need 22mm pipe going to the boiler'
arranging times to turn up then not showing,
i'm getting a little fed up.:(

so my questions are :

What are the approved techniques to purge air in the system ?
and what do i need to connect the gas the ideal gas regulator ?

sorry for the long post !!
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first things first you do not know what you are doing so get yourself corgi registered once you have done ccn1 you can run the pipework but cannot connect the appliance you need cen1 to connect the appliance and then you can test the installation in accordance with the regulations in force and commission the appliance to the manufacturers instructions fill in the benchmark book [for your warranty] and then stand back and feel the warm water dripping on your head as it brings the ceiling down around you that is if you are competent,failing that wait for a competent person to connect and advise on what a good job you done of blowing the roof off your house because because you knew better.sorry for the long post just back from derek the diy king who thought he knew how to change a 1st stage regulator and stuck 750mb through his 2 fires[condemed] boiler,cooker all his own handiwork,now made safe and isolated derek now has a big bill to pay for rerunning gas pipes and a new boiler all because he thought he was competent :rolleyes: derek has at the very least learnt not to play with gas and wait for someone[should have seen the look of horror on his wifes face when it was explained what could of happened to their home and family :eek:
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the whole sys 4leaks on the internal pipework 3 on the external too many faults to list on appliances and pipework just dissconnected and capped supply with his wifes consent,poor sod not only will he have no heating but a severe headache as well to say she went loopy would be a understatement,the joys of diy :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
Oh dear oh dear oh dear, cant see anyone wanting to gas your diy install as we are all mardy baasstards because we have to jump through that many hoops to be registered, if you blow yourself up we can use it as another statistic to push for stopping gas sales direct to the public, so you see there is no incentive whatsoever for any reg fitter to help you out, nothing personal it's just the way it is
Cheers for the advice there is a place locally
CK Assessment & Training Ltd that will do both for £470 are they any good ?
I'm in herts by the way.

sorry for being thick, Don't understand why warm water 'will be dripping on me head'
I've stuck millions (well lots) of pipes together when I put in a new bathroom.

and don't get me wrong would love some one to fire it up.
any answers to my questions would be appreciated !


You are distilling my conclusions, conforming my ideas , as a computer (IT) consultant, I will always help the less IT savvy, I suppose my problem is that I love my job , and expect other to have the same enthusiasm for there chosen career

Anyone got any IT related questions :)

(soz for the earlier half post)
Yes but you dont get bled dry by faceless morons dreaming up new ideas on how to screw money out of you year after year or you lose your job just for the sake of it, plus I dont recall anyone killing themselves or it being against the law rebooting windows or loading Adobe photoshop trillionandfive, not yet, but leave Toothy Blur in govmnt long enough and who knows.
loroloco said:
I've stuck millions (well lots) of pipes together when I put in a new bathroom.
Geee, can you reach the bathroom without tripping? :LOL:
good price for both ccn1/cen1.must be a big bathroom[millions of pipes].
will be cold until you get the gas connected :LOL: most bathrooms i have come across only have hot and cold water plus wastes and heating pipes
total 10 11 if you include hw return.must have huge bathrooms in the world of it :rolleyes:

Geee, can you reach the bathroom without tripping?

What you talking about Willis !!!

I've been walking for years of course I can get to the bathroom without tripping, unless i'm lashed or under the influence of lsd.

Apologies if tripping is an 'in' corgi plumbing joke and I've missed the point.

any way, back to the question in hand

Would bs6891 or IS.813:2002 explain the mysterious air purging techniques ?

And the diagram in the manual shows some sort of gland nut 'finar finar' connecting the supply to the gas valve, where do you get them from, or what is it.

Not lost my grip, believe me it is not my pastime, I've got better things to do with my life :)
(I really must raid 5 my server,and get the proxy/mail filter back online)

I'm just a tight wad who got quoted £3 000 (excl ch rad probs) to remove a conventional boiler/heating system / fit a combi and found that it was really stright forward to remove the cylinder,tanks, etc join a few pipes, ground them,replace a few radiators when they exploded, and whack a boiler on the wall (in exactly the place of the old one).

If any one needs any advice on cat 5 install do let me know !
Okay here is how you do it, get a flexible cooker kit from B&Q, then get this computer your typing on, connect the male end to your modem onto the Lan connection, you can get an adaptor from, go to your Config.sys file and delete the line "I am sensible" and replace with "I am a total dickhead" make sure your smoking while doing all this, then reboot your computer.

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