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16 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
The plumbing section have a (i ****ed up situation) can we have one on here ,

mine is, brother in laws car, cam belt went at the traffic lights, towed him to my place, done the job,car wouldn't start :oops: towed it round the block(them were the days ) all of a sudden Bang! one of us forgot to tighten to the new cam belt, start again :oops:
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did an oil change on the street, You guessed, forgot to replace the sump plug. Went into the petrol station last week after someone filled up his car but the garage had forgot to replace the filler hose after changing the sender unit. The garage had to buy in more sand to soak it all up
Having replaced my first ever head gasket, on a Fiat 131, I proudly turned the ignition key - the engine turned enthusiastically but made no attempt to fire.

Whilst pondering my options I cleared up the tools lying on my workbench, and found a scrumpled up bit of newspaper wrapped around the eight spacers that belonged under the valve springs....
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Years ago I was towing my mate car and he forgot to take the steering lock off :LOL:
Rebuilt a Metro Turbo engine years ago using sports components including Power Max pistons at £60 each :eek:
Spent over a week getting it sorted properly and then proudly started it and used it to get to work.
However, being fresh and new I'd put running in oil in the engine to be changed after 1000 miles.
But....I forgot to keep a check on the levels and promptly blew out a piston and rod through the gearbox a couple of weeks later!! :cry:
ch427 said:
there is a reason for plumbers having a **** up section,they are plumbers! :LOL:
It's not a "section", it's just a single topic on which people can share experiences that you apparently can't understand.
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