Is Dulux Trade paint total rubbish?

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I can't find a link but I use disposable paint filters, they fit round and into your kettle and filter all the carp out. Really does make a difference to finishes, i hate seeing walls and woodwork full of nibs. Oh and btw Dulux emulsion is pretty horrible, dries too fast and marks really easy, matt is more like contract these days.
I have just painted my stairs and landing in Valsper v700, it's a very good paint, goes in really nicely and a lovely finish. No smell either and a discount with the trade card.
Oh and btw Dulux emulsion is pretty horrible, dries too fast and marks really easy, matt is more like contract these days.

Admittedly, I do find their 7.5L (promotional) tins of white matt emulsion no longer past the wipe with a wet cloth test. Wipe it and it wipes off.

The 5L tins seem to be ok(ish) though.

Which brands are you using thee days?

IMO their oil based eggshells are still superior to the likes of Crown or Leylands but I am happy to to accept your recommendations.
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Hi Opps,
Most of the time I use LG intellimatt for emulsion, Crown is my 'budget' recommendation. Sikkens BL Satura for satin on trim, Dulux QD u/c and gloss but you have to do two coats of gloss. Benjamin Moore eggshell (hybrid) is supposed to be very good but I haven't used it, have to say considering the price I'm a bit disappointed with their aura gloss, but like the undercoat, both have excellent white though. Just been trialling some Isomat paints, the gloss is quite good but looks a little yellow and i've used the professional classic on some ceilings. I wanted something wipeable for when papering to wash pate of the ceiling/coving, I think i'll keep a tub of it for that but for normal jobs i've been using crown high obliteration which i like. Just discovered the Fossa microsilk microfibre paint sleeve and i've never seen such a good finish, zero pattern left on wall, looks sprayed on. Completely off oil based products now, it's taken time, money and patience but I have a nicer work environment, easy clean up and can do two coats a day. It's disappointing to not get that mirrored finish anymore but I think over time the sheen levels will come up, and if the spray technology keeps improving the way it is I think it will become cost effective in domestic applications and an improved finish.

Hope your well and busy and have a good xmas !
Agree with all of the above :) I've started using Tikurrila white emulsion, very good, no flashing and a reasonable price too.
I thought I would report back!

When I posted this thread, I'd already bought a can of Dulux Trade Diamond Matt. I painted my study in this. The rest of the house has been done in the most expensive Valspar paint.

The Valspar is AWFUL. It marks like crazy - literally anything that touches it, anywhere, leaves a black mark. It even compares poorly to Dulux paintpod paint, which I had elsewhere in my house, and which is one of the thinnest paints that has been sold in the UK! The 'scrubbability' is a load of nonsense - try to clean it and you get a big smudge. It's cracking in places, and in other places it has been pulled off the wall with the yellow Frogtape, which is for delicate surfaces.

The Dulux, however, is fine. Looks fine, cleans fine, seems pretty robust.

The decorators are refusing to redo the job, so it looks like I'll be repainting the house in Dulux myself. They did, however, offer to come back and redo it for me in 12 months (!) Absolutely no chance of me ever employing them again, and in the process they've lost out on a load of additional work too, because my best mate owns a load of property in the city and was thinking of using them, but now will definitely not be doing so.
Oh, and I can see why decorators like the Valspar - the coverage is amazing. You can cover bare plaster in 2 coats. So it is quick. But the result in terms of the finish is horrible.

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