key broke in lock - can't see key to saw it out...

30 Jul 2006
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United Kingdom
A key broke in one of my locks. In fact it was only 1 of the 3 teeth on the key. Now the key just continually turns inside the lock.
I have a duplicate key with the same code and shape (looks identical anyway) and this will not turn at all or rather it turns very slightly to the right then jams or very slightly to the left, then jams.
Does this mean the ooth is stuck in the lock?
Not sure how to go about repairing this...

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if the door opens remove the lock open and remove the broken bit

if it wont open try seeing if you can work the bolt along with a knife screwdriver whatever

if the door is locked and you can gain accsess to the hinges
check its not a loose pin hinge that will knock up and out
if its a normal hinge file or grind the top off the pins and knock throuugh
to release door
and if you lucky and they arn't a security door [external for example] the pins may fit back in the top
It's still locked. ALthough I can take the handle off, I believe the actual lock is secured with screws into the side of the door.
Do you mean the hinges on the door? If so, won't this rip the screws out and damage the area where you push the lock inside the frame?
assuing its a normal bolt that that dos'nt hook over the striking plate there should be enough clearence
you are seperating the two halves off the hinge puling the door out till it just clears the hinge then slide sideways to withdraw the bolt
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Doesn't the bolt stay attached to the lock though?
So you mean take out the pin from the door hinges, slide them apart, move slightly sideways and the bolt will just pull out of the lock completely?
right - thanks so nightmare.
I had to reverse the new lock but as I did it 2 springs popped out. These are around the area where you put the key in to close the bolt. Any ideas on how these fit back in ?

It's a 2 lever Yale mortice. Can't find any diagrams on Google yet...
Is this because of the easiness to pick them?
I tried to get a 3, which is minimum in some places but the only one that matched in size was a 2 lever even though the old lock was 3 !
I believe there is some extra security in place like a metal gate so I'm sure it's fine...
If you have house contents insurance - then a 2 or 3 lever is insufficient. Check the small print, and you'll probably find a 5 Lever British Standard (BS3621:2004 is latest) is stipulated. Half an hour with a chisel will see a 5 lever installed.

FYI, 2 and 3 lever locks are very easy to pick open, but they are also prone to other bypass techniques. Also, the bolts and keeps on these locks are very poor in quality. These locks are only meant to be installed on internal doors.

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