Key Fob won't re-programme

27 Dec 2009
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United Kingdom
Hi, it's been a few years since I've been on here. I got caught up with lots of work and didn't have time for online things. But who knows, maybe things will slow down for me now!
Anyway, the problem;

Seat Ibiza car, belongs to my sister in law. Her key fob wouldn't unlock or lock the car and she had to do it manually with the key blade. The battery was wasted in the fob. Or so we thought. But when we opened it up to replace the battery, it fell apart and wouldn't go back together. No worries. We bought a second hand key and fob which had a working battery in it. We swapped the FOBs over from key to key.

The car is a SEAT Ibiza. I think its a 2003 but it might be a 2004. The key looks exactly like the ones on the MK 2 Seat Ibiza, Cordoba etc. And I used to own one of those myself, but I'm guessing that this car is a MK 3 as it does not have the air con/Radio screen on the dash.

I once re-programmed a key fob in my Mk 2 Seat Cordoba. The way to do it was put the new fob onto the key, put the key in the ignition, turn the ignition forward two clicks but don't start the car. Wait for up to 4 seconds, then remove the key. The while holding down the UNLOCK button, press the LOCK button three times and then release both buttons. At this point the car programmes itself to the new key. This worked first go on my car at the time a few years ago, but it does not work on my sister in laws car. I've tried several times and even tried holding the LOCK button down and pressing UNLOCK three times, but that didn't work either.
I also tried putting the key in the drivers door, turning to the right and holding for 5 seconds, and then turning to the left three times, and then holding down the UNLOCK button and pressing the LOCK button three times, and that didn't work either.
It seems like the fob and car don't actually go into programming mode at all.

The only thing that I can think of that might be the issue is that the car may be a MK3 and the key Fob we are trying to use is from an MK2? But it looks identical to the key for the car and it fits onto the key? Can anyone help me clear this up and programme this FOB or another one to this car? Thanks
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Contact a main dealer's service department. There may electronic security measures to take into consideration.
Thanks for the reply. But alll that they will do is tell me to bring it in and I'll end up paying 90 quid for a simple job. :(
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That is the exact way I sync'd my own a few years ago. That is what I am trying and it hasn't worked. There is another video doing the rounds in which the man only presses the LOCK button three times and doesn't bother holding down the UNLOCK button at all. I must try that next, but I am still open to suggestions, thanks guys.

This is the other video. I will try this but I don't have high hopes! :)
If it doesn't work, you could try Timpsons as they do coded keys . They offer either the remote control-type key ( £ 70 ? ) or an ordinary key (£ 50 ? )

These were prices about two years ago. Check their web-site or give them a call before visiting as not every shop has the equipment.

Obviously there are web-based companies too, if you choose that route.
Thanks for the reply. But alll that they will do is tell me to bring it in and I'll end up paying 90 quid for a simple job. :(
You might have to pay more than that.
I got a key done for a Hyundai i20 recently. A mobile locksmith came in his van, cut the key in his van and programmed the car to it.
It was 120 quid but worth it as there was only one key for the car.
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