Kitchen carcass hinge hole problem



Wondering if any of you could give me the benefit of your wisdom before I plough on. One of the doors on our kitchen units has been a bit loose for a while, well today, it finally half fell off. Inspection reveals that the holes that secure the plate onto which the door hinge attaches have become enlarged to the point where to screws do not tighten, but simply spin round.

Apart from replacing the carcass (best solution I know, but of course sods law says it's the under sink unit that's gone) does anyone have any good ideas as to the beat way to enable the hinge attachments to be secured properly again?

Simply fill it drill it?

Forstner bit, plug, and drill into this?

I don't want to glue the fixings, 'cos then I can't adjust them, and I can't use larger screws.

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks, guys pretty much summed up what I thought, some great alternative suggstions though. Thank you very much.
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Sorry, one last question, I bought the fixing plates (excellent site, and prompt delivery BTW (bookmarked for reference!!)), would these screws be sutiable for fixing into the chipboard carsasses.

Many thanks once again.
These would be better as they are made for screwing into wood unlike the selftappers which are really for metal. If you already have the selftappers then they will be OK.

Cheers Jason, no even though I have literally thousands of screws, needless to say I didn't have any suitable for the job. I always like to go for stainless, 'cos it can save a load of grief later on. That said, if there is a better suited product then I am not to argue. The screws you suggested are right on the limit of the thickness of the carcass (15.75mm), but with the repair plate factored in they look like they should be fine.

Once again, thanks very much for your help, a trip to the screwfix trade counter looks likely tomorrow. Saves me about a fiver in delivery charges, costs me about a fiver in fuel :LOL:
petewood said:
Eddie M said:
, a trip to the screwfix trade counter looks likely tomorrow.:

pick me up an 88" bandsaw blade would you?

Certainly, you need to be near to luton though. Believe me it's a special trip I try to avoid the place.
As an update, fitted the repair plates today, had to use self tappers, 'cos couldn't get to S/Fix seems to have worked a treat, thanks for the help. Kitchen looking like it is possibly worth what was paid for it again.

Pete, sorry about the bandsaw blade, next time perhaps? :LOL:

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