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5 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom

Ive got a 1930's house, I need a ladder that will allow me to get upto the guttering at top of the house to clear it out. What size ladder do I need, I see most do a size upto 5.9m extended then go upto 6.9m extended. Not sure which one to go for.

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Which everone gets you to where you need to be. Do any of the neighbours have one measure that, failing that calculate it or do a search, there is probably a site that will tell you what ladder requird to get to particular height.
floor to ceiling hight for upstairs and down stairs [8'6" +8'6"=19]plus 1' for intermediate floor and ceiling plus whatever the distance is between outside ground level and floor level down stairs say 1'
so thats 19 +1+1=21ft add another foot for the angle[1 in 4] so thats 22ft to under the gutter around 6.7m so a 6.9m ladder would ovelap the gutter by around 8"

of course the actual measuments are in your hands ;)
How about this
Extension Ladder Sizing

If you are getting ready to buy an extension ladder, you want the right height ladder to do the job. If you have a multiple story house - say one that is 2 and one half stories, a single extension ladder will not do all jobs. If you buy a ladder to reach to highest point on your house, it will be too long for the short jobs. Buy your short ladder first and see if you can't rent or borrow a tall ladder for the once-in-a-great-while tall jobs.

Extension ladders are usually sold in even foot increments such as a 16, 20 , 24, etc. A 16 foot ladder consists of two 8 foot sections that are mated together. Because an extension ladder needs to overlap, its maximum length when extended is less than the length you thought you bought! The following table should help you see what I mean.

Extension Ladder Sizing Tables Highest point the ladder will touch Size ladder you need Length of fully extended ladder Highest level at which you can safely stand

9 feet 16 feet 13 feet 9 feet 2 inches

9-13 feet 20 feet 17 feet 13 feet 1 inch

13-17 feet 24 feet 21 feet 16 feet 11 inches

17-21 feet 28 feet 25 feet 20 feet 10 inches

21-25 feet 32 feet 29 feet 24 feet 8 inches

25-28 feet 36 feet 32 feet 27 feet 7 inches

28-31 feet 40 feet 35 feet 30 feet 6 inches

Sizing Guide courtesy of Werner Ladder Company
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Cheers will go for 6.9m then. I have asked neighbours and none have one, also looked at hiring one but with delievery it comes in at around £55. I might need it again, so might as well buy one.
Rolo said:
Cheers will go for 6.9m then. I have asked neighbours and none have one, also looked at hiring one but with delievery it comes in at around £55. I might need it again, so might as well buy one.

as long as your shure your your measurements are simmilar to mine ;)
If you haven't got these, (and something for the top end), get them. It gives you a couple more points when trying to beat gravity.

:D jeez. you aint turned into a health and safety czar have ya??

nah, to be honest when it comes to toppling from a great or even small height and bustin some bones or worse.........

when i did my tv aeriel. i had scaffolding and all the gear

fekk ladders. :D
yeah sometimes a ladder just isnt enough on its own.... last time i did some work on the top of my house i bought a ladder standoff and some other bits from here...

at least i think it was there.. all sites look the same to me:) anyway, did me a good deal as i bought a few bits at once.. but the feet and the standoff made the job a lot easier.

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