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27 Nov 2006
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United Kingdom
Whilst trying to find out where our hot pipe was leaking, we found water in the airing cupboard... investigations have now led us to discover the loo (which is behind the airing cupboard) is leaking. We've got lino in the bathroom so I wasnt aware of any wetness till OH pulled the lino up and the plyboard underneath is WET, its quite a mess actually.

Now my question is.... how do we find out WHERE from the loo the water is coming?? Its not the pipe so surely its got to be either the loo itself (perhaps a crack in the porcelain) or .... well or....???

But surely if it was a crack in the porcelain, the level of the water would go down in the bowl? It doesnt - not to my knowledge. Having said that perhaps a hairline crack would only result in a small bit of water leaking but that would out look a lot on the floorboards .... any ideas / suggestions??

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first places i'd check is where the float valve sticks out the bottom of the WC, where the cold supply to the WC is, these usually leak and i've seen a few which have gone unnoticed until it comes down the walls underneath.

just stick you finger on the tap connector and see if theirs a bit of water then wipe it with tissue and check again, it could be the tap connector itself, which could need re-washering or the seal around the bottom of the float valve, mite need sealing.

if it's dry check the pan connector just have a feel around and see if you can feel any wet spots.
As wonderb0y says, the tap/inlet connector is the most common, followed by a decoupled overflow pipe, followed by an ill-fitting pan connector.
Well the leak is definitely coming from the bottom of the loo - the cistern is bone dry and the rubber bit between the loo and the waste pipe is dry (we replaced that a few months back as it was leaking).

So if its leaking from the bottom is it likely to be a hairline crack in the loo or is there a rubber washer type thing between the loo and the floor that could be perished or something?? :confused:
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Or possibly a really bad condensation problem?

Whats the ventilation like? D oyou have nice hot baths/showers wit hthe window closed & no fan?
It definitely isnt condensation.... shower room is downstairs and the bath never gets used :eek:

Also the leak is under the lino around the loo, radiating out from it.
UPDATE....... its not the loo thats leaking.... :oops:

Discovered today that there's a pipe underneath and behind the hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard that is leaking. (The loo is actually behind the airing cupboard which is why we thought it was the loo).

In order to sort the leak out we (read... my OH) is going to have to take the hot water tank out..... so thats his next job when he's finished putting the kitchen back together again... he's sorted the hot water pipe leak and we've not got fully functioning hot water downstairs again.... and I am allowed to use the washing machine again.:cool:

What will it be after that I wonder.....

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