Leaks through the ceiling in a terraced house

28 Dec 2006
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United Kingdom

I was wondering if anyone is able to tell me if this is possible:

I had a very small leak in my toilet incoming water pipe yesterday, which caused a little wet patch on the ceiling downstairs. I turned the water off, bought a new fixing, and replaced it. Now it doesn't drip. All okay, I thought. Unfortunately, next door also had a leak yesterday. There's was massive, and has ruined most of the kitchen ceiling. Warm water was pouring through hours after ours had been turned off. I'm not sure what they did to stop it, but the plumber visited them for about 3 minutes today and gave them a note saying that it was caused by a leak from 'next door'. Is this possible? We live in a 6 year old terraced brick timber built terrace. The reasons I believe it to be false are as follows:

- Our water was switched off most of the day
- Our slow dripping was far less than the buckets worth that came through their ceiling.
- The water coming through the ceiling was warm
- The dripping reduced significantly when they turned their hot and cold water taps off
- The plumber was only there for a couple of minutes, so probably wrote on the receipt only what he had been told by the owner.
- MOST IMPORTANTLY: Our bathroom floor is over a foot below their kitchen ceiling and about 6 foot away horizontally!

If this is possible, please could someone explain to me how, and if not, are there any other explanations for two leaks on the same day in neighbouring houses. I expect I'll have to get a plumber in from the insurance company to check it out, but if anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate it. Sorry for the long post!

Many thanks,
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Well, it's a bit technical.
It's what we in the trade refer to as

It won't matter to you anyway. They just claim on their insurance, insurance company won't worry.
Thanks, that's what I thought! :cool: Is there any explanation for us both having leaks on the same day though? Could my water being off have caused an increase in pressure in their system, or something like that?

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The reason I'm asking is that they want me to claim on my insurance - i suspect they may not have any, but only a guess!
Last one I came across, the insurance only covered accidental damage, not wear and tear. Some people don't have any cover, of course. Sometimes the same sort of people who want to blame their neighbour...

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