Leaky outlet - can i replace?



I recently posted about an outlet on my Ideal Isar HE30 boiler that started leaking after we had been away for a week and came back and turned boiler back on... hd to keep tighten it everyday which p'd me off so i used pliers to nip it and eventualy the knob rounded off - I was advise to cap it off with some tube and jubilee clips but when i managed to block it off the water started coming out the front where the little knob was...

...now the outlet itself is built into a sort of 'nut' so i got my adjustable spanner and started to tighten it in hope that it would help, it did start to slow it down further so i kept going until it started to round because of where it is and the outlet being on it i couldt get the spanner on it properly or around the top of it due to the boiler so i got it as far as i could but it still leaks....just slower... but since doing that it only seems to leak when the CH is off... before it would leak on or off?

...now with this THING (outlet hehe) being on a nut as such, surely it can be replaced? where would I get one? - ive a feeling im just gunna have to call a plumber out but thought I would ask....we just want this outlet capped off / stop leaking - theres another different type of brass knob next to it (one same valve) and you can fit a flat head screwdriver in, does this turn off the supply to outlet? - probably not... i can barely get the flat-head screwey in anyway due to pipes in front of it...

any help or guidance would be great as we cant afford plumber, were having to get Gas-Man / Plumber in to install pipe for hob and joiner to cut and fit worktops (which we only have money for ONE of those two) - now we have to get this bloody leak fixed on top of that... so thats 3 jobs we have to fork out for and weve got £100

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