Liebherr Fridge Freezer Not Cold Enough -2 to -10 at most

13 Apr 2023
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United Kingdom
Hi I have a Liebherr Fridge Freezer (CUN 3033) recently the freezer has not been cold it has been sitting between minus 2 to minus 10 at the most, is there anything i can check? I have already had to change a thermostat on the fridge on what was supposed to be a quality german product......
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I have a different Liebherr FF and it is excellent! Perhaps the controls have been tampered with ?
Does it have one or two compressors ?
Other than the fridge sensor it's never been touched and there are no controls for the freezer, i dont believe it is possible to adjust the freezer temperature. I bought it as a frost free one but still food should not be soft to the touch inside it frost free or not.
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The relevance of frost free, is that the cold air is blown through ducts, usually in the back wall, which is where frost and ice form. Periodically, the machine is supposed to heat these ducts so if melts and drains out.

Quite a common problem is that if it builds up too much, for example if the door has been left open, door seals worn or the heater fails, the ducts become blocked, and air cannot circulate, and the temperature rises. The blockage continues to get worse and more solid.

Solution is to empty it, turn off, open both doors, for at least 24 hours or until water stops dripping inside the cabinet, and to the collection dish at the back, wipe it clean and dry, close doors and turn back on.

If you turn it back on before it has all melted out, you have wasted your time.

If it blocks again in less than a year, you have a fault, probably in the heater circuit. It may be uneconomical to repair.
Thank you, John that is worth a try, i don't trust any of the food that is currently in the freezer so am going to throw it all away regardless so will give this a shot before consigning it to the scrap pile.
John if you see this I am presuming this is too much ice and the result of the problem.
Screenshot 2023-11-20 at 18.47.24.png
Looks like it is clogged behind the polystyrene but has melted off the exposed pipes.

There may be a heating element somewhere but I can't see it.
It’s garden rubbish day Wednesday so am going to throw all the food away tomorrow evening and leave it with its doors open to fully defrost for a couple of days. I don’t have any real faith that this will fix anything but it’s worth a try as it’s only been sitting at -5 at most recently.
I think that thin metal tube along the bottom is the heating element, when it's all thawed out see if you can carefully remove the polystyrene for a better look. It probably terminates in those two blue wires, if you have a test meter, test the resistance with it's connector disconnected, I seem to remember my Indesit was about 165 Ohms. The fault was not the heater but an overheat thermostat in series with it. If you have the patience post us a picture please :) Sad about your food, I was lucky in having two freezers. Those frost free things are a nightmare..........
Well it’s fully defrosted now so whilst it was in pieces I metered out the heater which read 388 ohms which I take to mean it’s ok.I am going to give it one chance to redeem itself or its getting replaced with something that’s not a liebherr. Googling the model number cun3033 this seems to be a common problem which I find is really irritating especially as I thought I was buying a quality product
Might be the heater switching circuit. I think they are a timer.
It’s what ever this is that says 86 degrees John


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It’s what ever this is that says 86 degrees John
No that's the overheat protection stat, check it is closed as it should be at normal temperatures, that is what failed on my Indesit.
I replaced my Indesit with a Liebherr hehehe
Interestingly I chose it as it had no air ducting between the freezer and the fridge as many do and that was the cause in my case of the icing in the freezer and the constant need for defrost cycles. All these manufacturers seem to go through phases of introducing crap products, gradually improving them followed by obsoleting them and starting the cycle again so IMOP it's just pot luck what part of the cycle your product comes from.

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