lifespan of tiled roof

15 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom
our house was built in the 50's-60's, and has a tiled roof (plain flat tiles, brown colour. no underfelt, tiles are visible from underneath). It was extended in the 80's with tiles of very similar appearance, but you can see the difference, so the roof wasn't fully replaced when the extension was added. The chimney breast is damp in the bedroom and the loft (white stains everywhere). One of the tiles slipped out during recent snowfall, and it's stuck in the gutter.

One of our neighbours had their roof completely replaced a couple of years ago (tiles, timber, gutters, everything), and i'm wondering if we should be going the same way. How long can you expect a tiled roof built in the 60's to last?

Any advice appreciated!
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If no water or woodworm has got in then a very long time.

Water is getting in to yours so damage may have or will be taking place.

You should be able to see what state the roof is in from the attic being as you have no felt so all timber will be visible so you can assess what needs doing.
Chimney breast damp =flashing needs attention...get a proper leadworking plumber to do it .or at least 3 quotes from roofers you can trust ;)
“Chimney breast damp =flashing needs attention”

Not necessarily It could just be a broken tile

If its on the back of the chimney ,the part that is closest to the ridge it could just be a broken tile .
If its coming down the sides or front then it could be the flashings or just a soaker that has slipped .

“20 to 30 years ago you would have had to get a plumber to do the lead work but in these modern days there are a lot of roofing contractors who are more that capable to do the job .
As we (Roofers )found out that in the past that waiting for plumbers and the cost and inconvenience of having to get them on site when you needed them was not conducive to getting the job done .
So many of us learned to do lead works .

So now you get the best of both worlds some one that can do lead work and knows how the tiles should be put back

Built in the 50s/60s , Most of the plain tiles were given a 20 year guarantee back then but its proven that they last much longer, And some manufactures give twice that amount of guarantee on the tiles not failing as long as they have been fitted correctly and in accordance with there fixing instructions .
If you get the odd tile slip out in a year it will not cost much to put back .When it gets to the point that you are having to do this to many times then think about replacing the roof.
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But you`re in France and most of the "roofers" round here are "itinerant" ;)
Yep I am in France now
After 30 years roofing in the Uk it had got to a point where you would spend more time writing Gosh, risk and method statements + arguing with HSE agents who would insist on you having a hard hat + day glow jacket on when your on a roof just in case a plane where to land on
you :eek:
And the worst of all was architects that spend 5 years reading for all their worth to turn up on jobs and have no idea about the practical side of how things would work or not, just because the book says that’s how it should be, when in real life it will not work that way
They still can not get there heads around it. :mad: :mad:

No thank You I have done my time and jumped ship. :D :D

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