Lockout light on Boulte Camray 3 oil fired boiler

2 Oct 2004
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United Kingdom
Hope someone can advise...

1) Boiler make / model (gas or oil)

Oil fired Boulter Camray 3

2) What is / is not happening

Upon applying power, Centrifugal fan starts up. After ten seconds a relay clicks and then the lockout indicator cone on, as does a light on the reset button.

This cycle repeats itself each time I reset the system.

3) Has ANYTHING else been done / changed recently

System was not switched on over the warm months.

4) When did it (problem) start

Today, Oct 2 2004

5) When does it happen? eg, heating coming on or going off

Boiler will not fire up

6) Anything else you feel may be of relevance

Possible contamination of oil supply by sediment from oil tank as it one ran low...have not checked filter for muck or blockage
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Sounds like the ignition isnt firing , the click is probably the oil solenoid opening allowing oil to the jet but then if you allowed the filter to be clogged by crap from the bottom of the tank then it may well be the oil not getting to the jet and the ignition is firing but no oil to light. You can on some burners hear the buzz of the electrodes sparking as the click happens. I would say that most faults with oil boilers are caused by lack of maintenance i.e soot build up on the burner head or crap in the oil supply.
I do a lot of oil burners living in the wilds of Scotland but Oilman seems to know most of the boilers well, give him a shout for particular details.

Clean or replace the filter first but leave the burner to a professional.
Mano said:
Possible contamination of oil supply by sediment from oil tank as it one ran low...have not checked filter for muck or blockage

To start with I suggest possible contamination of oil supply by sediment from oil tank. Have you checked filter for muck or blockage?

Next it might be failed oil pump, failed control box, failed EHT transformer (both of these are unlikely if it is a Riello burner, since the transformer is built into the control box, and I have come across only one faulty one), incorrect electrode setting, or cracked electrodes causing tracking and so no spark, incorrect air setting, blocked nozzle, failed photocell (again not often, but if the burner has run sooty, it may not be able to sense the flame).

When did you last have it serviced? (Assuming it was done properly of course. Sometimes it is.)
I presume you have gathered by now that a lock out is caused by any problem and unless you can isolate and test each component or possible fault you are not going to be able to fix it.
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Thanks for the replies.

The boiler has been serviced every summer since it was installed some ten years ago. I guess a service is due now, but the chap who normally does it has retired.

I have now checked the filter and also checked for oil flow up to the point where the fuel feed enters the pump head. All is well, as there is a good flow of clean oil, and no airlocks.

I'll get another service engineer in now, as I do not want to go further without knowing that I can get parts easily.

Thanks again for your helpful suggestions.


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