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30 Oct 2006
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United Kingdom
I will be having my LPG cooker installed in a couple of weeks, by a CORGI company of course. The gas pipe needs to run round 3 walls, then across the floor about 700mm. (Her ladyship wants the new cooker where the wall between kitchen and dining room was before we knocked through.) There is no solid wall behind the cooker, I just plan to put some sort of panel there, so the back of the cooker won't be visible from the dining area.

I went to the CORGI web-site, but I couldn't actually see the regs (maybe I'm being thick) so I don't know the answers to some questions.

My questions are:

1. I've already tiled the floor (ceramic tiles). Is it ok to run the pipe across the floor? I don't want to bury it in the floor.

2. Presumably the pipe needs to be clipped to the floor. To avoid the fitters drilling (and breaking?) my tiles, should I drill a series of holes for the clips, and if so at what centres, or should I leave it to the fitters?

3. I then need to create an upstand for the connector that the cooker hose plugs into, because there's no wall and the connector can't go at floor level. I plan to just fabricate something out of some steel box section, then bolt it to the floor. Is this going to be acceptable? For example, if I can make the upstand stronger than a couple of rawlplugs that would usually be securing the connector to a wall, is that OK? (The recess at the rear of the cooker is 40mm deep, so I guess I can use 25mm box section, welded to a plate with some reinforcing gussets, then bolt through the plate into the floor.) If my upstand idea is rubbish, is there a usual method for such a connection, i.e. one that isn't against a nice solid wall?

4. The pipe would run up the upstand. I guess I should drill it at the necessary centres, so what should they be?

5. Do I need any particular ventilation in the room? (The current cooker is electric.) There is an LPG gas fire in there already, in what was the dining room, but now part of the whole kitchen-diner.

I'm not trying to do any work on the actual gas myself, but I do want to be as ready as possible when the CORGI registered people come, so they don't have to go away, then come back another day.

I'd much rather do a task like fitting an airbrick now, rather than they visit, say they can't connect without however many mm2 of ventilation, then I get charged for 2 visits.

Any help and advice gratefully received.
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