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24 Feb 2004
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United Kingdom

I use (Win98se) 'Windows Update', to have a reasonable chance of being up to date etc etc.

Used qfecheck.exe from M$ ... checks if registry entries and actual update files match up .. regards to update version numbers .... result Ok, as expected.
Uninstalled one of the recent update files and deleted it, reinstalled the previous update file having a different version number .... All appears ok. Reboot etc.
Check again, the file / module is there, as expected, and reported in use via my process viewer.

Now run the Web based 'Windows Update' tool .... It has a look ... somewhere, I am guessing the registry ..... Offers me no updates, therefore is happy ... Allows me to peruse my update history ... All fine.

Now .. the question, how to force the update tool to RE-install updates .. I presume the 'audit' of updates applied to my M/C, via the update tool checks only the registry entries ??? and not the 'actual files in the relevant directories' ??

manual drudge then I suppose !!

This is the Catalogue for M$ updates ... enables downloads of any / all releases for the Op System in question.

Yes, have ordered the M$ update cd ... ( only current to Oct 2003, apparently ) No, not holding breath either !!
Should be able to build a full CD of updates from this and the downloads.
Just have a look see .... are the update numbers comsecutive ? are there dates for all ? ...... Just want a chronological list by release date !!!!

Bit of a question, bit of a rant.
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Have a look at this site. I think it covers what you are trying to do.

Out of interest, why did you remove the update?
Hi Igo',
Thanks for the address.

Was caught up in the '[email protected]' 'Start.chm' Browser Hi-Jack (IE6 SP1)... just prior to the latest critical updates from M$.
Had a play around with the situation, found a few files which were involved .... Dived off into various Fora (forums ?) http://forums.net-integration.net/index.php?showtopic=13515&st=0 Settled here, where 'Shaddowar' eventually programmed a fix See 'Grummy' Apr30th (edited by P) 12-21pm. P.22.

The reason I forced a change in the Updated file (HHCTRL.OCX) was to test if the 'MS upgrade tool' would notice a replaced file ... It did not .... I was not expecting too much here, reasoned, correctly or not, that it would take a fair bit of time for the tool to check registry and files. So I judge that it probably checks just the registry 'updates' section.
I then got to think, what if the interloper changed a file ? ... If by hook or by crook this was eventually found to be the case, it would be nice to be able to force a RE-install of the updates etc using the update tool, to ensure all pristine M$ originals.
Hope you get my drift here.
I had big probs with microsoft updates now I dont go there when system is running fine,much better to use more modern program than 98.I found that 98 crashed alot no matter what I did.
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Hey Oz,
My updates have worked fine ... just wondered about how to force reinstall.

Recently received the updates cd, ordered free from M$ site, took several weeks, include all updates to Oct 2003 ... So when I reinstall my O/S I shall have virtually all the necessary.

Reckon you need those updates ... whichever M$ O/S you have.
I think there was a problem with the M$ servers a while back, but all is working fine now ...
Old 98se is trundling along, strange thing is everyone seems to snipe at Norton, but I have Systemworks 2002 with updated virus checker and really have had a Norton association back to dos days with the old utilities.
I only run the minimum config to check em's and maintain running virus safeguards ... no checks at boot up etc ... does not degrade my 600 p3.
Use Zone Alarm firewall tho' !