Messed up! Toilet to water supply.

12 Mar 2011
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United Kingdom
So I've recently created an ensuite in a bedroom. Connected up to soil pipe, connected up to water using a JG connector and all was well.
I then removed the toilet and set about plasterboarding the walls up and run ing the pipe work within the wall coming out near the top of the soil pipe.

Only I didn't measure it precise, now I've had the room plastered and cut the soil pipe to the right size I've realised that it's totally In the wrong place and too high up kind of In the way of the cistern.

I can't change the pipe as its ran through timber frames etc.. Is there some kind of flexible connector for 15mm plastic pipe that I can run down to my toilet from what I have. Really annoyed with myself as it will bel on show now too rather than hidden nicely under. I could maybe run 10mm pipe along as I'm having tiles laid on the floor I could place this hidden along the tile / skirting run maybe but I'm not sure if 10mm is suitable and it's a shame to not use what is already there.

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Difficult to imagine without some pics but:

Are you saying that the cistern needs to move up slightly to connect with the pipe coming out of the wall?

Just a thought but when the floor is tiled can the toilet sit on top of the tiles and would that move the cistern up enough? Floor tiles plus adhesive will raise it by 10-18mm depending on your tiles.

Sorry if I have got the wrong end of the stick.
Slightly is an understatement after moving it closer. I have lifted the toilet onto one of the tiles that will be fitted, even with adhesive it's not going to go that far up. The toilet will be up against the wall that the pipe is coming out of when fitted, I suspect that it's going to be in the way coming out there too. Oh dear, massive fail :(

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Total 6 'P's failure.

Speedfit do a bent flexi.

Fit a stem elbow on the pipe, the flexi onto that and the bent end of the flexi onto the inlet valve tail.


Without starting from scratch it's gonna look kak.
You could pipe it with bits of pipe and some 45 and 90 degree elbows.
Best way would be to cut out plasterboard and lower pipe i'm afraid, more work now but you will be a lot happier in the longrun. Flexi on that would look terrible by the way.
Sorry for laughing but.... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

It would have been nice to have the pipe coming out horizontally too.

The only way now is to do what gigz said and make good afterwards.
Is the wc in the intended position? Or is the soil set to connect without a 90? If so, then presumably the current water position will be BEHIND the cistern, so most making up will be covered (by the cistern)? Or am I missing something?
Since the cistern is going to cover that area, cutting a hole out and getting the pipe into a better position (directly above the waste which will hide the point of exit even more) won't require a great deal of making good afterwards. It may well be a bit of a bodge, but it'll be better than faffing around with flexi's.and nobody will ever know by looking at it.
I think thats what i'm going to have to do. The toilet is going against that wall in the picture, ive pust positioned the toilet close so you can see the rough position of the pipe.

What i'm going to try is to pull the pipe back through at the other end and make a new hole and try and get it through that. ah well :unsure:
Just to update. With a little time I managed to make a new hole further down and get the pipe down through the new hole. All sorted now and connected up!


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