Mice in loft

27 Jun 2013
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone

A couple of years ago, we heard some scratching in the loft at night. Never heard this previously in 6 years in the house. Investigating, found a small rodent nest amongst some halloween stuff which inadvertently had some chocolate left amongst it. There's no other food up in the loft.

Put down a few traps and caught some mice straight within a few hours. Over the next couple of nights, caught about 10 or 12 mice and then it went quiet, no scratching and no more mice caught.

After 2-3 weeks of no more mice, I put the traps away and called it job done.

Then a few months back, I heard a some scratching at night again, so reset the traps. That night, caught one mouse and then again, all went quiet.

As before, left the traps for a couple of weeks to make sure there weren't any other mice lurking and then, just as I was about to pack up the traps again, caught another mouse.

I left the traps up longer after catching that one and now I'm in a cycle of catching a mouse every 1-2 months.

There's no food in the loft to my knowledge and since the small infestation a couple of years ago, it's only been solitary mice being caught.

I've got no idea exactly how they're getting into the loft and not likely to find out either, like any loft, there's fibreglass insulation everywhere and it's open at the eaves. They could be getting in anywhere.

Why are they coming into my loft and s there anything else I can do to deter them doing so? I bought one of those plug-in ultrasonic deterrents and put that up there, but doesn't seem to keep them away.

Anything else I can do, or just leave the traps up there and chuck a mouse in the bin every couple of months?

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I poke my head up there a couple of times a week. Never seen any evidence of a trapped mouse being dinner for another and the bait on the other traps always stays put.
Try getting a cat.
Our cat used to leave dead mice at the back door as some sort of present.
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I have heard that mice leave scent trails that attract other rodents, a feral mouse looking for a nesting area will follow a scent trail and hew presto you have a new visitor?

Had an infestation of Rats outside several years ago, when we had Hens in the yard, bate down = no rats, several months later more rats, living in the exact same spot that i had filled in, the old nest or what ever it was had given of a scent that other rodents were attracted to even over a fairly long period of time.

Mice will invade generally in Autumn looking for a warm place to over winter, and in spring they are looking for a safe?? secure nest site where they can bring on the young ones.

As for locating scent trails outside?? do you know anyone with a dog? let the dog loose in the area around the house and watch the doge reaction to certain areas, that is where rodents have been , or are transiting to and from? jack Russel's are good at this.

We have a Thatched roof property so mice are a constant problem , a plastic dish and poison is the only answer autumn and winter is always a problem they want to come in for the warmth .
I bought one of those plug-in ultrasonic deterrents and put that up there, but doesn't seem to keep them away.
I looked into getting one of these for squirrels, consensus seems to be that Pixie dust will have a better result. You don't need a very big gap for a mouse to get in, one that you can get your finger in is big enough. If you do find any holes, stuffing wire wool in them may help.
If you decide to go for a mouse trap method then I can highly recommend these traps which electrocute the mouse. Safe to use, no finger crucnching when setting the trap. Peanut butter is the most effective bait.



They are available from other suppliers but some of these have a different battery compartment which makes changing batteries very difficult
I had a squirrel in the loft and a pest control guy told me to leave Jeyes Fluid soaked rags where I thought it gained entry.
As said before, other animals follow a scent trail.

With mice, the hard bit is fining the access hole
Some cardboard sprinkled with talc would generate footprints and a trail?
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