Miele dishwasher broken

12 Feb 2015
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United Kingdom

The dishwasher (G1040) is doing this:

starts, pumps out old water, starts taking in fresh water, starts splashing around, stops with all 3 orange lights flashing

The weird thing is it that it starts the circulation pump , splashes water around for about 8 seconds, then stops, pause for 8 seconds, and then starts again. It does it a few times before it finally stops with all the lights flashing at which time it also drains the water.

I have opened it up and measured the heater element it is 24R (from memory) this would be 10A/2400Watts. So that looks reasonable.

Then I learned (youtube) there is a thing called pressure valve which I took out, broke one of the two lugs in the process, shoddy mechanical design, anyway it has 2 sets of dual thick wire connectors, and alongside those two thinner wire connectors. I understand one is a series connection for the heater element, not sure what the other one is for. It has two adjusting screws with springs inside, I took them out, look all clean, put them back in, all the way to the end and backed out again a few times. I blew on the one hole keeping the other closed, you can hear a loud click, probably some membrane pushing on a switch. I checked the think wire connections, one is open circuit until you put pressure, it goes "click" and it goes closed circuit. Sounds OK to me. The other connection is around 250K, and it I think it also goes closed circuit when you apply air pressure. Manipulating the adjustment screws seems to reveal there are actually two separate switches inside, coming on and off at ever so slightly different times, depending on the position of the two screws. I put the screws back to what I thought was the original position. Now that I know there is a pressure switch inside making clicking sounds, I have easily identified the click sound when the circulating pump starts and stops.

This pressure switch seems OK to me, but I am only guessing.

Everything else looks OK very clean, no rust or other visible deterioration.

So here we are, the machine is doing this repeatedly and will not go past. I have also tried on the "pre wash" programme it does exactly the same.

Miele have asked £125 for site visit, cost of parts (the pressure switch alone is £80-£120) and then something extra for every X minutes over an hour, if it takes them that long to fix it. Sounds I am hiring the lawyers!

If you know what it is happening to my dishwasher please let me know.

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2 Oct 2010
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United Kingdom
Is there a diagnostic mode that might help eliminate some causes - I guess you've already tried that, and You Tube?


You say that all 3 orange lights are flashing.

Which 3 in particular? Wash, rinse and dry lights?
If so then there may be an issue with the pressure switch. Its not seeing a build up in pressure or something has tangled/blocked the impeller in the pump so there is not pressure.

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