Mold removal and/or deterant from a (fire)wood storage shed

12 Feb 2014
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United Kingdom
I have a small shed for storing firewood logs, which has become infected with a white mold. Does anyone have any ideas as to how to eradicate this and to deter its return please?
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Airflow, and put a roof on it that keeps it dry. Possibly dry rot, or something else that the shed timber 'caught' from a log from a rotten tree.
Thanks for the reply; this is a purpose-built shed with half the floor slatted to allow ventilation. There is also an air vent incorporated into the side at the top. I would like to know of any effective treatment for getting rid of this mold (which was introduced from a rather damp load of firewood logs by a local supplier whom I will never contact again)?
Any suggestions in overcoming this problem would be much appreciated.
If the mould is just present on the surface of the shed walls and roof (rather than the shed rotting) I would suggest removing as much fire wood as possible, washing the surfaces with a strong bleach solution, allow to dry and then put the firewood back.
If you had mould in your bathroom due to excess moisture you would probably clean it with bleach, so why not treat your wood shed the same way?
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there are mould spores everywhere, so you are wasting your time trying to get rid of them.

they are growing because the humidity is high enough for them to grow. Perhaps the wood was out in the rain before you put it in your store. When it dries out it will stop growing.

As it is firewood it doesn't matter if it has mould on it. You will have to dry it out before burning anyway.

You can put wood preservative on the timber of the shed when it is dry enough to soak in (outdoor timber should be treated anyway)
Getting a load of damp timber, hardly a hanging offense ...........

I'd spray with bleach using a garden sprayer and let as much air in as possible.
A lot of folk make the mistake of stacking the wood like they're building a dy-ke and leave not much for the air to get through, then they leave no space between the rows and make things even worse. I've seen the white mould on some of our logs that sat rather too long in the rain.

That's why my woodsheds are made from pallets....cost next to nothing.

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