My boots are loosing their sole!

26 Apr 2023
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United Kingdom
After a bank holiday digging up and replacing a stop tap, the sole on one of my boots has started to come away from themselves.

They weren't expensive (ebay, but seller suggested £50+ as the rrp) so were possibly seconds.

As one of the boots is still perfectly serviceable, can anyone recommend a glue/adhesive to try and reattach it with?

[photos hopefully attached]
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Can't see your photos - you need to.upload them, then insert them into your post as either thumbnails or full images
Is it really worth the bother though, the other one will be soon falling apart too. Or just try some flexible shoe glue off Amazon or whatever. Timpsons might be better.
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I'll try a posting the links:
Boot 1 Boot 2 Boot 3

They definitely aren't worth paying for a repair.
The other boot seems ok as it seems better attached at the front and this one has worn away with kneeling.

I just wondered if anyone had any suggestion for a cheap repair to get a bit more wear out of them or use them for dirty jobs.
A small tin or tube of Evostik Instant or Bostik Instant grab.
Smear all over the inside of the sole liberally.
Squeeze the sole up to the uppers for a few seconds, then pull them apart and let them become tacky/touch dry.
Then squeeze them firmly together and job's a 'good-un'.

What you could do is, apply the glue, put the boots on and stand up, then sit down, (still wearing them), and peel them apart. After 5 minutes they should be touch dry. Simply stand up and press down with your whole-body weight for about 1 minute.
Shouldn't be able to pull them apart if you waited long enough to go touch dry.
I've used shoe goo and normal contact adhesive before, I think if anything the contact adhesive was more successful.

They look like cheap boots, either way order a new pair for sunday best
You could always use one of the new polymers in a tube
For a really cheap repair wrap gaffer tape around the sole and upper, renew as necessary.
That tube of sealant is more than I would spend on these boots - it might end up being a gaffer-tape-job!
Yes, £5 a pair sounds fair.
There were actually closer to £5 per boot!

I've found what I had here, but they are also available here for more money :eek:
I've had them just over 2 years - so the limited offer on eBay is a bit of a nonsense.

I'd better go shopping!
I had a pair of really comfortable ones did that. I bolted them back together!

M5 countersunk machine screws, the counter sunk went under the inner sole so couldn't feel them with my toes. got the nut between some tread, and ground off a bit, they did tend to go click click as I walked down the path (used to worry that someone might of thought i was a tap dancer, so spoke in a very deep voice and talked about football, lager drinking, V8s and power tools, just in case), I also bunged the gap up with gorrilla glue. the repair never come apart.
If you want some idea about boots, in trade use mine start showing major signs of wear something like 6 to 8 months from new, which is a good indicator to me that I had better look at ordering the next pair. I generally get 9 to 12 months out of a pair at about £100 a pop (but they are S3 grade and Goretex lined with composite protection and are wide fit, so I ain't complaining). What really knackers boot soles is working on your knees or haunches all the time - that and working on floors which haven't been denailed properlyand are full of tacks

...they did tend to go click click as I walked down the path (used to worry that someone might of thought i was a tap dancer, so spoke in a very deep voice and talked about football, lager drinking, V8s and power tools, just in case)...
You could just have pretended they were hobnails or segs, you know. I'm surprised you didn't feel the need to grow a dwarven beard and carry an axe. Oh, and real men don't drink lager...
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