My first soldering attempt

1 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi all

Just tried my very first soldering attempt on 15mm copper pipe using solder-ring fittings.

How long is it SUPPOSED to take before the silver ring appears around the joint. I was there with my blowtorch for ages (good few minutes)before it happened - even had smoke coming out of the end of the pipe by the end of it.

I cleaned all ends, used flux and heated the middle of the "elbow" solder ring joint.

Cheers all :D
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smoke is normal, did you use steel wool to clean the ends?
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Actually I was asking if you were soldering to a wet pipe!
Sometimes the little blighters don't show. Use a solder mat to ensure the heat goes all around. Don't leave the flame in one spot, heat the whole joint and the pipe either side. Use solder reel to finish off. If you think you should be there, touch your solder on the back edge of the joint. If it doesn't run then you aren't! If it does then wipe wet cloth.
I was there with my blowtorch for ages (good few minutes)before it happened

What sort of torch are you using, don't be afraid to turn it up a bit.
You only need a smear of flux. A pipeful slows things down a lot.
This may be a personal preference but I only heat the pipe. That way when the solder does melt I know the pipe is above it's melting point and I'll get a good joint. In your case it sounds like your flame is too weak. As nstreet says, don't be afraid to turn it up a bit. You won't burn a hole in your pipe. If your torch won't go any higher the jet might need cleaning. I've had to do this a few times. Dirty gas???

Don't be too over-zealous with extra solder - it's rarely needed anyway - and, when it's all cooled down, WASH THE FLUX OFF.

PS: Don't be put off. I have never had a single Yorkshire (solder ring) joint fail.
What size is the fitting and what sort of torch are you using? If it's a cheap DIY type torch and the fitting is 22mm or larger you might struggle to get enough heat into the joint - I learnt the hard way when I tried to heat my first 28mm end feed with a junk torch, got there in the end but went out and got a better one. Also, sometimes, you can burn all the flux off before everything is hot enough, dip the end of the solder in the flux and wipe that round the joint half way through heating it.
Sorry, 15mm, shouldn't be a problem even with a rubbish torch!
Whats the name embossed on the 'solder ring fitting' :?:
Are you sure it is smoke coming out and not steam :?:
Are you using a self cleaning flux :?: if so what make :?:
What did you use to clean the ends of the pipe and inside of the fitting :?:
Sorry to have to take you back to basics here but something is basically wrong!!!
It doesnt happen often but I have on several occasions had a solder ring fitting with no solder ring in it
yeah, ive found the woodwork near by makes lots of smoke and a lovely burnt painty sort of smell......strange! :D :LOL:
heated the middle of the "elbow" solder ring joint.

That would take a long time - and asks a lot of the flux. Needs more heat on the pipe.

Unlike endfeed, where heating the pipe too much just leaves you a ring of solder on the cut end of the fitting, which holds water - but not for long, before it breaks.

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