My Wife Has Left ME ......



for the weekend an gone over to Blackpool this afternoon to see the lights being switched on with her girlfriends she comes back on monday dinner ...

I was at the pub this afternoon an then went back to a pals an watched his Cheeky copy of "The Business " with mates
A Nick Love 80s genre Cockney Ganster film ...quite funny in a retro way ..

an this got us thinking ,we are gonna do an 80s retro 24hr party people weekender from tomorrow at noon ,
a real Madchester ,Mad-for-it Es are good /pillpoppin sesh/plenty of Marching powder ...

out of my old mates ,about 25 I tried to make contact with From our old Red Lion Days ,

I could only contact 17 ,
out them only 4 were up for it

6 were "happiyly" (sp)under the thumb ...
4 are in jail ...
1 is in the Army ,Germany
1lives in Brighton ..
1 is now a priest , LOL

I rang Rob from my AA meets an he is bringing 4 sound guys from there ...

Anyway as its an 80s weekender , I have dragged down a suitcase from the loft full of old clobber , bermuda shorts , Sergio Tacchini Track suits,Lacoste Tshirts ,an old Harrington Jacket ,lol,Adidas Tshirts ,Silk shirts,(all gaudy peaches an pinks ,lol )Surfers Alliance Tshirts ,...Bondage,Combat boots,Docs ...Ray-Bans wayfarers ,many BOSS miami vice suits
anyway I Am GONNA get into it an dress like a 40 something WHAM .lol

All the lads are into it an any plank who doesnt make an effort will get a "Haçienda doorman slapping "........Ouch

I am thinking My Miami Vice baby blue BOSS suit an cream shirt,white leather shoes for the clubs tomorrow night, an the Sergio trackies for the day sesh , ?

Watch out Manc land this weekend
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Have a good time Moz and give the Happy Mondays and Black Grape records plenty of bashing-----hey any filthy old slappers going? :LOL: :LOL:

early 80s ....
hmm ...wild times times ... I never ever payed ,as friends worked doors
an we swayed in like Goodfellas having that God status as "THE DOORMAN " ,would usher wonderful/delightful to PR BOXES (at the time if the Mondays came in we went to the cheap seat , same the joy div ,but un less we were the CLIC ..(doubt any one no-us tomorrow

I love the the fact I was a lowly nothing to snorting an popin pills with Rider/Bez /ginger hucknell
Moz - I've told the girls to keep an eye out for you (shady looking character in 80's gear :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: ) and your case you end up in any of the 'famous' Manchester massage parlours!!!! ;) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

Where was the Red Lion you used to go to Moz? Was it in Flixton?

Anyway, I hope you have a good time......have a beer for Julie Birchall while you're there!! ;) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
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Just got home now , what a mental 24hrs

Im still buzzing ,but just ttook a couple of jellies to calm me down ,

we started onthe pubs around our way yesterday noon , we then did some of the clubs last night an we went to a jazz club this morning at 3 just off deansgate that does 24hr drinks at 7this morning we went back to a mates an watched some of his gonzo pron dvds(i was knackered an all loved up on some very good doves ,Ihad to get home as the actors in the pron were talking to me an it freaked me well out ,lol)

our 80s casual gear certainly got the crowds laughing/talking , like a middle aged goldie looking chain some cheeky F***er said..

I was surprised how good the hugo boss suits/smart clobber looked an my pal col were sharkling an pulling moves on lots of very young lasses who when I said I was sonny crockett an my mate was/is tubbs looked at us blankly , kids nowadays ,i ask yea..
the mature ladies were more with it an enjoyed the craic

burchill the red lion not there on my old sink estate,it got burnt down ,lol to say where is its close to salford , morriseys smiths old hang out ,lol

there was loads of sexy ladies out last nihght ,an the best of all No Trouble ,well we were mob handed met loads of old faces last night ,an a jazz club I ask you ,lol,allclarinets an big silver horn things (forget what they are called , ?)all moody mellow musik after jigging around making shapes to dance music ,

what shocked me was the price of a pint in town , £3 whats all that about suger longe an Emporia ,stevie hill is a sound fella there though an liked the 80s thing were had going on ,lol

I am parttaking in a cheery few cans an sweating like a goodun,getting that muck outer my body , like them buddhist Thai priests do , respecting an praying to my body the temple ...notre damme cathedral more like ..,lol ,lol

will fall into a coma later an be refreshed when my swamp duck gets back tomorrow afto ,

"Anyway, I hope you have a good time......have a beer for Julie Birchall while you're there!! "
having one now as Im a happy bunny ,lol,btw your on sky tonite warbling about reality tv or something
Moz said:
btw your on sky tonite warbling about reality tv or something

Blimey Moz 'the sugar lounge' (a bit posh eh!!) is known as being very was one of David Beckhams watering holes when he was at Man United

I've seen the trailer re Julie Birchall......she ok but not as good as me! ;) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

By the way you live in Manchester?.......the 'lovely' racecourse estate by any chance.......?(only joking!!) ;) :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
Moz said:
Sergio Tacchini Track suits,Lacoste Tshirts ,an old Harrington Jacket
Ahhhhhhhhhhh them were the days from old when all could be bought from the original Hurleys in M/C
hello.. :)
1st of all

julie /sweetheart your gorgeous
BUT are YOU ...

OldBill ???


asking about where I lived .. ????????????

Im a manc lad an I left the sinks way behind ...

I go to many sites where "long john silver "goes an I am admin at a few ......

I got someone on another site asking me where in my admin for the dvds ...

Im a bit para at mo ...but as being labelled crim ... well .I will take you the hospitals , funded by "Manc Man Trust ".....

I got 2 other hospitals , which are very needed /..we fund ....

so julie /l/burchil Im so paranoid its untrue at the moment
btw sorry for saying the police thing earlier I was/am para ,

worse was when me an a mate Alan,we was at that the estate you say ,we were shuffling things about,cheeky ..

an we were offered some banging new Es,
well as silly 14 yo we knecked them ,

my mate Alan fell to the floor convulsing ,the "crew"legged it but ... Si, quite lad in the crew , I was out of it for hours .. til coming around , my bud alan was soo upper loved up it was untrue he was so mental , as I looked at Si he said ,straight away , save yourselves get up to Prestwich
Psychiatric unit /day care an outpatient for the druggies ..

well Simon,was a sound bloke he held us together , til the 615 bus came too Prestwich ... he had come with us up to Heaton Moor walking,we were all over as any manc will say to that lol he couldnt leave us .. we were MENTAL
On the bus we was alone .. lol...

as the bus was passing the HOS on the left , we were just giggling .. as we headed to the motorway intersection /roundabout ,
I shOT it ,

an dragged Al downstairs banging the bell
on the roundabout the bus stiopped
an I screamed
"open the doors .."

"open the doors .."

"open the doors .."

he did we were away an staggering around on the grass verge .....

the bus went a we wandered back around an then
It was then we heard , NO ... there are with me .. at the outpatients .. door a matron similiar to Hattie Jacques,

on waiting in a ward on a bed still chilling
she stopped family
at us for a further 3hrs as we lay there ,
to calm things down ,

hard hurtfull an nasty but then forgotten walked to the hospital ...

but then we go our on way .. an that mate all I love that lad to bits ..

/just been mellowing/catnapping ..get the swede right ...BUT I have many "URRRGH" times running throught my head , doing The nut in ..

trying to sleep "URRRGH" moments ..
1st one at dinner meeting my ex ,fiance

if i die to night ... I got to let the whore know

* I got to let the whole world know... yousaft cant *

We met some wonderstars , an we LOVED them ...
do it
Blimey Moz........that posts a bit deep and meaningful! ;) :LOL:

No I'm not the old bill - just old Birchall!!! ;)

I used to live on the dreaded racecourse estate many years ago......glad thats all behind me's still known as a really dodgy place - the Police helicopter flies over the estate chasing the scallys on most nights! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

The reason I asked whether you lived in Manchester was because you sometimes mention Manchester landmarks like the gay village, Christie hospital etc,'s just me being a bit nosey Julie Birchall thats all!!

PS Have you ever been to the Ritz on Whitworth Street? I used to go there when I was doing my nurse training (and for a few years after) - it was known as a real pick up joint, still is so I hear!
Sorry Julie L/B !!!!! ;)

I was well paranoid/raving the other night , them sleeping tabs really sent me off on one ,lol...

the Ritz who hasnt been there growing up .. we used to go an see a guy called fishy there who would dish the tabs ,a lot safer than when we used to trot over to the Hacienda as the gangs were starting to run things doors/drugs there an didnt want to mess with them ......

anyway I was ok monday an even give the house a good clean ,put the washing in an did some ironing for my better half , you can't beat doing the housework after a drug/drink sesh as it makes you ,well me anyway ,very particular about getting everywhere spotless clean I love filling up my dyson bucket ,lol

she was well impressed when she saw how spotless the house was ....which is nice for her ..
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