New batroom suite, how to connect to soil pipe

27 Nov 2006
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South Tyneside
United Kingdom
Hi Guys,
Hope one of you can give me some advice on best solution and method for my problem.
I am updating my bathroom suite in a house i have just bought. I finally managed to rip the old cast iron bath out and toilet and lead waste pipe from bath etc but am now stuck on how to connect new pipes to soil pipe. At present all the old pipes (bath/toilet) were above the floor boards and visible. I was hoping to hide the pipes by moving them underneath the floorboards. problem been that they fit straight into the soil pipe above the floorboards. I am correct in thinking that you cant cut the soil pipe and then refit joins etc below the floorboards?
I guess I will just have to build some nice little cupboards to hide the pipes etc. just thought id ask the question tho.
one little small question as well, the bath pipe that comes from the soil pipe is still the lead part, i managed to unscrew the rest of the pipe from it. is it easier to just buy new plastic pipe and screw it to this pipe or is it easy to pull/screw? the lead pipe from the soil pipe?
Cheers guys
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