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19 Mar 2006
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United Kingdom
Hello All,

I wondered if anyone could shed some light on my garage installation.
I've used the now redundant cooker radial (6mm) to feed the garage, I've also replaced the 32amp (cooker)MCB with a 16amp one (on the non RCD side)in the house CU.
the ex cooker (6mm) cable goes directly to a weatherproof JB on the outside wall, this then connects to 2.5mm SWA which is clipped to the wall, travels four foot on a cantinary wire (cable tied) then enters the garage through a brick wall (weatherproof glands have been used).
On the inside of the garage the SWA terminates into a metal adaptable box before joining the garage CU (RCD protected) via a short length of 2.5mm T&E.
The SWA uses the black as earth (sleaved) and also the outer armour as earth too, I've taken an earth from the adaptable box to the CU.
The garage CU has a 16amp MCB for the sockets and 6amp MCB for the lights.
Can anyone tell me if this setup sounds OK and as the sockets can only draw a maximum of 16amps would it be safe to have a couple of set of sockets from the CU, Or would it be recommended to put a 13amp FCU before the sockets.
Sorry if this post goes on a bit.

Thanks in advance

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sounds fine! could have been better to put a 20a breaker in the main cu for discrimination (which one goes first) but probably wouldn't matter as 16 & 20 are so close. NO need to fuse down further for any additional sockets as long as on 2.5mm
Thanks for that Cozycats :)
I'll just keep it to the two sockets, it'll be a case of either or anyway.
I have two lights fitted from the CU, with the neutral picked up from inside the metalclad switch. I wondered if it would be ok to take another feed from the 6amp MCB to feed a couple of 100watt PIR bulkheads???
I can't foresee any problems as I'll only be using 400watts with all lights working, or have I missed something???

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