Painting new skirting boards

11 Jul 2006
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United Kingdom
Hello again, now that we re-skirted our house (thanks to help from you guys here on tools method etc!) they are on the wall, filled in gaps and have knotted all the knotts or notts twice to be sure? We now need to paint them.

So far I've checked posts and there is no definitive guide to painting from bare wood (apologies if there is!) so just wondered if anyone could provide for me?

Do I need to Prime, Under coat and then 2 coats gloss/ Satin? (Is there any way to speed up the process?)

We need to have 4 rooms complete asap with just this weekend and next to complete in!

How long will each coat need to dry - Primer, Under - Coat and then gloss/ satin? Should I leave it a week between final coats? Also if I want to do the doorframes as well (these are already painted will a brief sand and just one thin layer be OK?

i'd be very grateful for quick replies hope to start tomorrow...
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For speed you can use an Acrylic Based Primer/Undercoat, as this product allows you to Prime and Undercoat in the same day. Then you could use in the same day an Oil Based Satinwood over the Acrylic Based Primer/Undercoat. Or you could use an Acrylic Based Eggshell over the Acrylic Based Primer/Undercoat in the same day also.
Thanks third -eye can you tell me is the Acrylic based Primer/ Undercoat one product or two seperate products?

Also any idea how much primer/ undercoat/ satinwood I'm going to need to do 50 - 60 metres?

Dulux Trade Quick-Drying Acrylic Primer/Undercoat is one product. To be honest i would buy 5 Litres of Acrylic Primer/Undercoat as you can keep the rest for other painting situations in the future, as it will be plenty for 50-60 metres etc. In terms of Satinwood then i would buy 5 Litres also, as you can keep it for further coatings. The great thing about Satinwood is there no-need for Undercoting (only on allready prepared wood however, that no Undercoat is required). Also, you can use Dulux Trade Quick-Drying Acrylic Primer/Undercoat on already painted wood. Click here for further info Also, be carefull if rustable nails have been used to apply skirtings as the Quick-Drying Acrylic Primer/Undercoat will make them rust if made contact to.
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Hi third_eye thats fabulous so we can use the extra satinwood on the doorframes that have already got paint on - shall we give them a little sand down they are in good condition despite probably not being painted for last 10 years. House is 10 years old and nothing else seems to have been done in that time!
Brilliant thanks very much, here's to a good weekend, fast drying paint and beer and chocolate to keep going!
Quick-Drying Acrylic Primer/Undercoat ??
For years and years been using left over vinyl emulsion, 2 THICK coats, rubbed down to remove brush marks, follow by 2 coats of Crown Liquid Gloss.

Not a brush mark to be seen and mirror like finish :)

Have I been doing it wrong all these years ??
I have done this myself also, but i dont apply thick coats. However, on the other hand if anything should go wrong then it is our faults and not the paint makers. In fact i used Dulux Trade Vinyl Soft Sheen on skirtings and facings (as requested by clients) and to this day they still look great. The covering power with Dulux Trade Vinyl Soft Sheen is ten times better than Acrylic Based Eggshell !

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