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1 Jan 2005
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United Kingdom
Hello,I have not registered for the competent persons scheme as i only do the odd bit of electrical work.Can anyone please tell me if it is up to the contractor or the householder to notify building control of work taking place.Ta
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Part P doc doesn't actually say, but it seems logical and consistent that it should be the person doing the work.
I would've thought so because we can't expect the householder to know what to do ???
so in short, alec (Alec trician) has to report himself as doing the work, for it to be inspected by some one who has no probable idea of if it is correct or not, and then a certificate will be issued to Alec, which Alec will have to have paid for, which Alec incorporates into the origonal quote for the said work, making the price higher for the quote.

But without the certificate when the owner sells the property they must produce any certificates for any extra completed work, but they can not since they do not have the certificate. so no sale / less money to get the work certificated.

Not that i suggest the following, but take your average 3 bed semi, how do you know how many sockets / per room it had when it was first built, or when they were added to / rewired.

go figure.
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If it is similar to the other competent persons (or lack of) schemes, it is the property's owner who is responsible, and who first becomes a criminal. The tradesman becomes an accessory to commit the crime. The tradesman may well sub the palns for approval, but that's only because so many people not able to do it.
The question of who is responsible for reporting works is something I've just raised on another forum and will be asking of my local building dept.

The actual Building Regulations (2000) have this to say:
(2) Subject to the following provisions of this regulation, a person who intends to carry out building work or to make a material change of use shall -

(a) give to the local authority a building notice in accordance with regulation 13; or

(b) deposit full plans with the local authority in accordance with regulation 14.


So how is "a person who intends to carry out building work " defined? The person physically doing the work, or the person who commissions that work?

By the way, the S.I. adding Part P can be seen here:
So the property owner hasn't informed the LBA as he didn't know he had to (doesn't know about part P) and the contractor asume the property owner has (or isn't interested). So no certification is done.

Who is responsible?

And as a thought. Who is going to be prepared to certify someone elses work?
See sesquiped's post ....
Well ..... as a fellow IEE member and Chartered Engineer I personnally find Sesquiped's posting on the IEE forum quite unfortunate.

I sincerely hope he can sleep at night......

I am so disappointed, but not particularly suprised, that a clipboard wielding jobsworth seems to have that much influence.

That thread might be worth watching though.
Sesquiped also said this:
In the last 35 years I have never come across a DIY'er who would be regarded as electrically competent. In fact 25% of so called electricians are not.
That's got to be rubbish.
Well I hope he has x-ray vision, otherwise he is going to be ripping up a lot of floorboards and pullind down a lot of plaster etc.

Thank heavens I live in Scotland. If all council appointed inspectors are going to have that attitude. :rolleyes:
shaggy said:
Sesquiped also said this:
In the last 35 years I have never come across a DIY'er who would be regarded as electrically competent. In fact 25% of so called electricians are not.
That's got to be rubbish.

Nope. I reckon sesquiped is right on the money. It's certainly my experience that I have never seen a fully BS7671-compliant domestic installation. I've seen many examples of poor practice by so-called professionals cutting corners, alongside some downright ignorant DIY work.
to the sparks here: have you ever had your work inspected by another sparky and if so did he pick up bits of the regs you had missed.
Perhaps no installation is 100% to the regs but to call 25% of electricians incompetent has to be an exaggeration. It is bad practice not to red sleeve the lighting switched live, and I've seen that in perhaps all the houses when I used to do renovation work. If I'm replacing the rose then I sleeve the wire as I remove it as I expect everyone else does. I don't call the guy that did the installation incompetent though. If there was that much incompetence then there would be more house fires and more deaths from electrocution. It's only 10pa, and how many of them are from people cutting the lawn-mower or hedg-cutter cable? The total deaths in UK from home accidents are 4,000pa, more than the number who die on the roads.

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