Persistent Mondeo alarm

30 May 2006
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United Kingdom

I've changed the battery on my Mondeo and now the alarm goes off when:

1. I open the driver's door.
2. I start the engine.

If I stop the car, turn off the engine, get out and shut the door, then it stops after about 10 seconds. Otherwise it has a repeating cycle of resting for a few seconds and then starting again.

The car is a Ford Mondeo LX saloon, on an 'M' registration letter.

I have all the keys to the car, but nothing that looks different to an ignition key. Is there a way to stop the alarm that doesn't involve a sledgehammer?

Thanks for your help.
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^neo^ said:
Unplug it?!
Thanks for the idea. :)

However, if I knew how to unplug it then I would! Even if I did know, I suspect that alarms are cleverer than that, otherwise car theives would just "unplug" them!

Anyhow, things have moved on - when I went looking for how to unplug it I had an idea, and I locked all the doors from the outside, then unlocked the driver's door - no alarm! Started the engine - no alarm!

So it looks as though the alarm was triggered because of the state of switches when I installed the battery. That's my guess.

Thanks for your help.
I have a Chrysler Voyager with exactly the same symptoms. I pulled the wires off the sounder!! Locking the doors in the way you suggested on my car (ie without using central locking) actually does not set the alarm, so this would work on mine as well but it is not really a fix.

You may be right about the state of the switches though.
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Used to work in a Ford Dealership in the 90's and were plagued with Mondeo's with alarm problems.

Usually it was one of the door switches at fault.

There is a Alarm test mode on the car, open the bonnet and press the bonnet alarm switch on the bonnet slam panel quickly 5 or six times. The alarm system should beep. Then you can go and open each door and test the system. However it sounds like it is the drivers door switch from your description.

Another problem was a broken cable in the wiring loom, below the drivers footwell.