peugeot 307 comm 2000 lights/wipers/indicator stalks switch

19 Mar 2007
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United Kingdom
hi can anyone help. when i switch my wipers on the rear wiper seems to be stuck in automatic mode i can only cure this problem by switching my engine off.
peugeot have told me that the comm 2000 switch is broken and i need a new one. from peugeot this costs £325.00 and thats just for the part. does anyone know where i can get a new comm 2000 switch cheaper or if there is any way it can be repaired without purchasing a new switch.
also is this a common problem with peugeots.
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dissconect the rear wiper from the main switch, put it on a new dash mounted switch?
The multi-stalk switch may be dirty inside. Give it a spray with wd40 and after a while, jiggle it about. It can't harm and may cure
thanks will try out both of these and let you know how i get on.
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hi tried both of these and the problem is still there. it just seems to be stuck in automatic mode. i also tried pulling all the plugs out to see if it would reset itself but this did not work either.any more suggestions are welcomed.
lift the wiper off the glass, put a glove filled with cotton wool on it, people will think you are waving at them.

but seriously.

when does it start?

all storks are just switches (all be it clever) if you get the right wire it must stop.

the stalk must operate a relay with timer, find this and pull it out (down side no wiper) or it may be a chaffed cable causing the realy to get a supply when it shouldn't

it only happens when i switch the front wipers on. the back automatically comes on as it is stuck in automatic mode when i turn the front wipers off the rear keep goin until i turn the engine off.

i suggested removing the wire from the rear wash wipe to the main dealer he told me it could bring up the warning lights on my dash.

ideally though i would like the wiper to work as it should but not have to pay peugeot £350.00 plus.

will have to keep looking to see if i can cheaper part from a breakers yard.

thanks for gettin back to me.
Unplug the rear wiper and put up with the light on the dash
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