Plasterboard in an ensuite - seal before decorating ?



I've split my bedroom with a partition wall to form an ensuite toilet and shower room.

Inside the en-suite, the plasterboard wall will form one of the 3 sides of an alcoved shower cubicle, which will be tiled, and will also have a run of plasterboardoutside the shower cubicle which i plan to simply line and paint with a bathroom paint. I'm not planning on getting it skimmed before decorating.

Do I need to/is it advisable to seal the plasterboard with anything first before i go ahead and tile over it inside the shower cubicle and paint over it on the outside of the cubicle ? Given the obvious amount of moisture that can build up in an ensuite (which i am alleviating with an extractor fan with humidistat) i am juist wondering if the plasterboard needs sealing before decorating ?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Thanks. Looks ideal.


What however if, hypothetically speaking :rolleyes: , the wall was already up with normal 12.5mm plasterboard, the shower and shower tray already in place, and everythings done except the tiling ?

Is it advisable I rip down the plasterboard on that section and replace it with an sheet of aquapanel instead ?

What did people do before aqualpanel was available ?

I've read you can use dry wall sealer ?

Gazzza said:
Is it advisable I rip down the plasterboard on that section and replace it with an sheet of aquapanel instead ?
You could fix to the plasterboard as it's a thin material.
What did people do before aqualpanel was available ?
Exterior plywood.
The problem is with grout, they are not really 100% waterproof ! If you put a hose with water onto the grout, it will eventfully soak in but take time, because the average shower is approx 10 mins so it doesn't matter as it dried out. 100% waterproof grout which are use in swimming are heavy duty and expensive.
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However the shower cubicle I have built is recessed, ie. it is 3 walls with door on the 4th side - original external wall on two sides, and plasterboard wall the 3rd side, and it is sized to fit an 800mm width shower tray. I built the plasterboard wall about 810mm from the oppopsite wall, so the shower tray fits snuggly in with just a 10mm gap (thereabouts), ie. approx 5 mm each side.

As I read it (if im looking at the same product), Aquapanel is essentially a 12.5mm thick sheet to be used in place of normal plasterboard. In which case i don't have enough room to put it over my existing plasterboard.

Bit of a quandris what to do now... :confused:
It's not too late, rip the plasterboards out. You only got to do this once.
You could fit the Aquapanel over the plasterboard, leaving a rebate to allow the shower panel to be fitted.

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