Plod and the truth...

I was interested in the bollards.

If the bike could get through them, and the van couldn't, is it possible for the van to have been chasing the bike at the time it crashed?
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Apparently aunt of one of the boys states he has been arrested 30 times!!!!!! These 'kids' have a reputation. Always up to no good.
It's unlikely that the van driver would have the appropriate "ticket" to engage in persuit. He may follow, but not chase. Given the e-bike (in fact its an electric moped not an e-bike) was double laden it's unlikely it would have had a top speed of much more than 30mph unless it had been derestricted. What we have here is classic human nature. Two youngsters have died and someone must be to blame. It's impossible to accept they died at their own hands. Hence "justice for blah blah.."

Someone has 4k for an electric moped, but not £100 for a crash helmet.
Apparently aunt of one of the boys states he has been arrested 30 times!!!!!! These 'kids' have a reputation. Always up to no good.
"Ms Murphy, whose sister is Harvey's mother, claimed her nephew had been "arrested 30 times over the last two years, and there's been not one charge that's stuck".

She described Harvey as "chopsy and cheeky" but also "so lovable".
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Can you name a better reliable source?
Better and more reliable than the BBC?

Erm... ITV, Sky, The Sun, YouTube, TikTok, The Bloke Down the Pub. All are more reliable than the BBC, which is like asking whether anyone is a nicer more honest chap than Philip Schofield.

The beeb is nothing like it was even a few years ago. It's become some kind of weird establishment propaganda mouthpiece.
It is a PR disaster for the police.
They denied the van was chasing ( following) only to have been proved wrong.
They should have said nothing until they knew the facts rather than deny what has been (fairly well) proved.

Yes, the CCTV could be faked, but it’s grasping at straws to suggest this unless there is strong evidence to prove it.

Allegedly the van had to follow that route because there are bollards sending them that way.
Two vehicles in procession do not make a “chase”

I edit video for a living but any CCTV domestically edited is easy to identify. We are’t talking “Gravity” or “Inception” here.

It is a fact that the kids were driving illegally.
It is also not an offence worthy of death.
I feel for the family but what idiot buys an electric bike/motorbike for a kid who has nowhere to legally ride it?
I suspect some of the grief is guilt of buying the tool of the incident.

I am not a fan of the police but in this instance, before any other evidence, the kids
Only people i see on ebikes are immigrant food delivery guys and chav kids up to no good!
Apparently according to plod they denied chasing a couple of teenagers on an e-scooter...

Sure the kids were doing something illegal, but plod should be brought to book for their lies and dangerous/fatal tactics!

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I wish from the bottom of my heart that 'plod' had seen, chased and injured this little **** but hey, let’s give these feral kids the right to run around unmolested, eh? I suppose the lily livered, left wing, hand-wringing thread starter will now be blaming the police for not apprehending him. Can’t win, can they?

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Perhaps @ellal will answer post #6 on this thread now - after all, he started the thread about 'plod' but I won’t be holding my breath. It’s people like him advocating for shîts like that that have made these areas into the ghettos they have become. Power to the people and all that, eh?
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