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15 Feb 2013
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United Kingdom
Recap: I'm having an extension built with new boiler and complete re-plumb. I was slightly worried about the competence of the builder-appointed plumber. I asked for advice here and subsequently became very worried. Eventually the plumber was kicked off.

The full detail (all 20 pages of it) is in a thread at //

A new chap was appointed and I had some questions here about pipe sizing. That expands to four pages at

The new chap didn't like what was in the cylinder cupboard so pretty much gutted and re-did it all. That is just about finished (plumbing wise - there's still something up with the wiring, I believe). At least one person asked for pictures when it was done, so here you are:

This may or may not be the epitome of good workmanship, but I'm much happier with this - all the bits that might need attention in future seem to be accessible, and everything seems to comply with the manufacturers instructions (as I understand them).

One change I had not anticipated - where the previous chap used stopcocks this plumber has used quarter-turn lever valves. Is that an improvement? Is it just personal preference?
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I think that we will all be quite happy with that now!

Do you know if the builder recovered any of the extra costs from the first plumber?

much better from what i can see, yorkshire fittings as well !!
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definite improvement. Although there is a lever valve on the hot inlet to the cylinder which shouldn't be there, needs to be removed.
You mean cold inlet but I agree it should be removed as there shouldn't be any valves between the valve set and the cylinder.
As far as I can tell by your pics you have 3 x pressure relief valves all connecting into one 15mm pipe then entering a tundish that exits in 22mm that is not the correct way to do that Im afraid
It's shocking. Absolute botch - get it ripped out.


Seriously, chalk and cheese. Shows some pride in his work.
Still not right....there's a safety issue here...remove that lever valve on the pipe after the presure reducing valve.
OK, thanks all. I'll talk to the plumber about the things noted.

With respect to costs - I don't know what the builder is recovering from the first plumber, but he was talking about recovering some.
Wouldn't accept the corrugated hot water pipe from the cylinder.

if thats what gledhill supply then its perfectly acceptable. I think its only fair to point out anything which contravenes some kind of reg not personal preference
Wouldn't accept the corrugated hot water pipe from the cylinder.

Can you clarify which pipe? I don't think there is any corrugated pipe, but I might have overlooked something. There is very slight rippling on the inside of a couple of pipe bends, but it looks much worse in the photos - it has just caught the light.

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