Poor Service (plumber left leaks)

How do you mean? You asked how I obtained my quotes? Two sepreate plumbers came out to the house to asses what needed doing and gave a quote. One of the plumbers wasn't available on the date we wanted the work doing, so we went with the other plumber who has caused us grief. How is that contradictory?
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Sorry, i misunderstood, so you had one quote from the monkey and one other guy quoted, both at the same price?
Yes, very similar prices. The other person was a little cheaper and we had used him before and he was excellent but unfortunately he wasn't available.
Ok. Thanks for clarifying. This is my last message here.

You clearly stated

"I was actually given a few quotes for the same price"

Now you say you had only 2 quotes. I think most people would read "a few" as being specifically more than 2, 2 being more likely described as a pair or a couple.

Good day.
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Yes, sorry my bad. I was given two quotes for similar prices.
Personally and I say that because it is just my own view, I know other pros who are similar, but I would never waste my time to "quote" for a £350 job, if anyone called me and said they were getting quotes for that, personally I would just say , have fun and get on with it
Where are you based? I'm not a plumber so having received two quotes for a similar price I assume that was the going rate for a job in my area. To me, £350 is a lot of money to spend and to have the work done faulty then I've lost out, especially if I'm having to pay extra to have someone else fix it. Like I said in my other comments my normal plumber who I have used many times quoted a similar price but wasn't available. His work is fantastic and I can't fault him. I must also add that the plumber I'm complaining about also just lives down the road from me, within walking distance. So he's not spent a great deal of travel time to come out and quote. I can't help the prices that trades people quote and the reason I hire tradespeople is because I'm not a DIY person, so how am I supposed to know?
It is obvious really, the lad who you have used befor was too busy, and for a reason, he is trustworthy and busy, sometimes you just have to accept that he will get to you when he can, sadly all these trust a trade and other recommendation sites are full of idiots that need the work, if you find a decent tradesperson, stick with them , if they are too busy ask if they can recommend someone
Thank you, do you have any constructive advice about what I can do about the other plumber? Someone else mentioned small claims court?
Personally , I would put it down to experience and let it go, get a proper trades person in to sort it, you can go to a debt collector or small claims , but doesnt mean you will actually get anything, either way will cost you even more money, sometimes you just have to say OK and get on with things
In my experience, “a proper tradesman” is no guarantee of a good job.
Nor is a recommendation from a known trusted trades person.
My last two recommendations, one an electrician, the other a heating engineer, were the most p¡ss poor trades persons on the planet.
The heating engineer signed everything off with three water leaks and the condensate pipe going into the drain at an angle that was doomed to fail.
The guy doing the tiling said he’d never seen anything like what the electrician was doing in his life.
It was a couple of years ago but I have pictures somewhere.
Small claims for sure, as above you may not see any cash but it'll cheer you up.
£350 for labour on a couple of small jobs like that sounds a bit steep but there's lots of work out there at the moment so supply & demand etc.
Best lesson to take forward is that check a trade and their ilk are not a guaranteed source of reliable trades, your own experience and those of friends, neighbours, other good tradespeople are a far better bet (a competent builder will usually have competent subbies for plumbing, electrics, tiling, plastering etc)

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