Poor SFF Lenovo

Lol. How is the system performance in terms of perceived speed?
It would be a bit crap. No matter how you whip the old donkey, that's all it can do. Running windows 10 makes it far worst. Windows 10 will do updates every waking minute. It turns the machine into a lean mean update machine, not much good for anything else.
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Was that a completely clean install? Were/are you connected to t'internet- if yes you may be unwittingly downloading a metric tonne of updates from Microsoft.
My 2010 Dell (single processor, 8 gig) was struggling with Win10 til I gave it an SSD, it's fine now and XP flies (dual boot).
Is your SSD a known brand (Kingston or Seagate or similar)- I bought a very cheap Chinese external SSD from Amazon last year, it was absolutely useless- dog slow so sent it back & got a real one instead.
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