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22 Jan 2005
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United Kingdom
I have just had to replace both taps on an upstairs radiator due to them seizing. I therefore had to drain the water out of the radiator & I assume the rest of the system upstairs.

I have a powermax 155, which has a header tank. I turned the inlet to this tank off when I was draining the system. I have fitted the new taps to the radiator & turned on the inlet to the header tank - it filled up & I bled the radiator. However, the boiler will now not light. Electric & gas are all available etc. :(

Is there air in the boiler? If so I cannot find anywhere to bleed the air out.

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does your boiler have a piolt light?
if so did u turn it off before u drained down, could have gone on overheat lockout
The Powermax users instructions say there is no pilot light.
all the rads are full and u are getting water out the bleed valves?
the header tank is full ?
u can also bleed the system at the pump, ( undo the big screw on the front)
if your sure the system is full

do u have power at the boiler? (power light on)

i u didnt switch the power off before u drained down u could have caused the boiler to go to lockout, if so u will need to find the reset
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Radiators are now full, & so is the header tank. The main power light is on (but no burner light). I'm not sure what to look for for the reset.

who makes the boiler so i can get up the spec for it,

im assuming all the controls are calling for heat, eg the programmer is switched on and the room stat turned up
All I have is the user instructions Powermax 155/155CP. The thermostat is up full - not getting HW or CH.
sorry i cant get any pics or boiler spec for that boiler/model, and i dont know what its features are of the top of my head,

only thing i can sagest is that u look up, reset button in the instructions

did u turn the power off before u drained down?
There is nothing about a reser in the instructions. When I drained the system I switched the boiler to off on the boiler controller itself (besides the timer controls it has a switch for continuous, off & timed) - I did switch off at the mains junction box.

Is the reset button an electrical switch?
just simply a button located somewhere on the boiler, i would be quite clear in the instructions
Bingo - there is nothing in the instructions, I took the metal cover off above the timer panel & there is a wiring diagram that shows a man. reset - I followed the wiring & found a sensor that looks like a fat copper disk close to the fan. The brown/red plastic mounting for this disk goes through a metal panel to the front & you can press the middle of this (almost invisible) & it clicks.

I set the boiler too off & restarted & the burner is now on - we now have warm water (after 5 mins) fingers crossed.

British Gas would not come out today & no local engineers will touch a Powermax. Thanks Shaneo - you have just stopped 1 baby and a 5 yr. old from freezing to death :D :D
knew she was there somewhere:) remember that 1, they can be tricky to find
I have a Powermax 155 boiler with no user insructions. I have search the web without luck. Can anyone help / supply?


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