pressure loss electric shower

28 Feb 2004
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United Kingdom
I have a Triton 200RE electric shower and a combi boiler.
I have tested the cold water rate and it is 10 litres/min (approx) in the kitchen and bathroom (bath tap). When testing the water rate via the shower it is less than 5 litres/min (the shower controls set to cold/minimum temp).
We are getting the occasional loss of pressure (according to the shower control panel) and no other taps/machines are switched on.
Is my pressure at the kitchen/bathroom ok ?
Is the flow rate via the shower ok ?
Is there any way to confirm if it is a shower or water pressure problem ?
The shower was in the house when we moved in and I suspect is at least 10 years old.
Any assistance appreciated
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has it been working ok or have you just moved in
Thanks for your prompt response.
We have been here for 4 years now. The loss of pressure has been getting worse over last year or so. It has possible become more noticable because my daughter spends more and more time in there !!
it may be lime scale, electric showers in my opinion do not last THAT long
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Don't know if it has a filter.
Is there anything that can be done if it is lime scale ?
Does the water pressure measurements I have listed sound ok ?
A friend said that if I were to replace the electric shower that a mixer shower would be a better option for use with a combi boiler. Any views on that ?
Thanks Again
imagine an electric kettle, have you ever tried descaling one? did it work? now imagine your shower as a BIG electric kettle (thats basically what it is)

Where we used to live, we had electric and "ordainairy" shower, where we are now we had a combi put in with "mixer shower" its MARVELOUS (so long as boiler works, ssssshhhhhhhhh )

even if electric shower lasts 6 years thats 6 new showers in 36 years, no thanks
yes it is probably scale build up. a mixer shower on combi boiler is fine if you are prepared to run an extra pipe etc etc but dont forget to ask your supplier for one that is suitable for a combi. some mixers are low pressure type.

Theres not a lot you can do about your old shower if it is scale but you can check if there is a filter fitted in the feed pipe where it enters the shower this can become blocked.
Thanks to all again. Just one more point/question.
If I were to get a mixer shower (looking likely) why would I need an extra pipe run. The shower is over the bath and so there is hot and cold pipes just below the shower.

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