Problems part setting Texecom Premier Elite 24 (Metal)

17 Jun 2013
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United Kingdom

I am banging my head against a wall - I have fitted dozens of Texecom R8's (Back in the day) so when my 11 year old R8 gave up the ghost I replaced it with a Premier 24.....and that's where my problem starts.....

I have multiple PIR's and door contacts downstairs and a single PIR upstairs. I have an RKP in the bedroom and one by the front door. I put all of the zones in Area A and set the landing PIR as omit in suites 1,2 and 3 but if i part set the alarm the landing PIR remains Active. I tried moving the Landing PIR into Area B which sorted the part arming but when I then did a full arm (on the downstairs keypad) it said it was arming then said it was part arming.(and never actually sets)

So - Would one of you kind people give me a nudge in the right direction of how to set up the part set suite please.....

One last thing - I have the standard white Prox Keypad upstairs and the satin chrome keypad downstairs - The keypad downstairs updates the lcd whenever it needs to (menu changes/Clock seconds ticking etc) the eypad upstairs is slow to respond and the lcd flickers annoyingly - I followed a post I saw on this set and held in the Yes key and the arrow down and the brightness did seem to decrease but then increased virtually straight away....

Thanks in Advance :)
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Is it a premier 24 elite ? If so are you ticking the part 1 , 2 , 3 omit in the zone set up ? And how are you setting it at night ? Part yes from keypad or part scroll down to select setting and yes ?

Yes it's the premier elite, I have ticked to omit 1,2&3 in the zone setup.

I entered my code, scrolled down to part set system and then chose "1" it set but the pir on the landing tripped the alarm.

Am I setting it incorrectly ?

Normally I would put in text for the 3 part sets eg bedtime, garage only, and so on, make keypad quick set, then all you have to do is press part it will default to bedtime press yes and system sets( normally quiet set) is this what you are doing ?
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This is what is confusing me are you using the suite setting in the area settings ? If so don't..this was not available on the old premier 24...
are you using wintex to program system ? I guess you you just take out or untick area A in area suite.
Hi I'm not using wintex but fancy having a go with it (I'm a software developer by trade so always love to tinker) I have the pc com 2400 in the panel can I use this to connect to my laptop or do I need to buy the USB com modem?

Thanks for all your help:)
to connect local you need only wintex a pc and either a pc comm (comm lead) or usb comm
Ok, so thanks to sparkymarka for all his help. I finally got the part suite working with wintex (which is an awesome piece of kit)

One last question though.

I have a couple of the brushed metal keypads and I need to reduce the brightness of the one in the bedroom ( it's like blackpool illuminations) -I have tried holding in the yes button and hitting arrow down but it doesn't seem to work. It's very hit and miss and I don't see the change in brightness at the time - I have to wait 15 or so seconds for the LCD display to finish scrolling chime enabled A then it will gradually decrease in brightness.

What is the correct way of reducing the brightness on these rkp's and can they go to virtually black?

Many thanks for all your help in advance..
So long as its a fairly new keypad, I thought it was Menu and Yes to bring up the keypads menu, in there are setting for brightness normal and active.
Just thought I'd resurrect this thread because I had a similar problem, which was eventually solved by un-ticking the Option 07 in Global System Options>Configuration Options.... just in case someone else has this crop up.

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