Racist attacks in Belfast.

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For the record Josef the British public have never voted to join the EU nor do I believe that they ever would if any Government dared to give them the opportunity.


Yes I know that. I was making an inverted point. The Tories have promised a referendum in a bid to gain votes.
Hmmmnnnn ... Labour promised a referendum in order to gain votes, the British public fell for it, voted them in and ... Guess what ... No referendum.

I doubt the tories have any more integrity.

The clever vote against the EU would be UKIP ... Unfortunately they have f*** all policies for running the country :LOL:

Esther Rantzen is standing as an independant it appears so we could always go for the sanctamonious old doogooder vote I guess :cool:

That woman obviously has ambitions of power, she unsuccessfully applied for the DG's job at the beeb along with Janet Street Porter years back

Not the sort of person i'd vote for having seen both sides to her character.
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I remember when she tried to take the moral high ground with Bernard Manning on the Parkinson show years back ... God did he make her look a stupid cow.

Never been able to take her seriously since :LOL:

I have been to N.I. on holiday, nice scenary nice people,

i have worked in Essex so i know which ****hole i preferred. ;)
I did a boiler repair in a property with a professional Romainian tenant.

He was telling me just how embarassed he is about the attitude of the gipsys who come here as assylum seekers. He says they have a tradition of never working and doing pick pocketing and other minor crimes. They also go begging on the London tube trains. He wanted them all be be sent back!

Its not surprising that the people in NI were behaving like that when they see them being given housing totally free.

Tony Glazier
hey joe i know you really care about the POOR PEOPLE OF EASTERN EURO ZONE, same as the rest of us
i see in the paper to-day NICK GRIFFIN BNP LEADER is from gipsy stock, thats why he wants rid of them ,so they wont come round for tea.:confused: :LOL:
My ancestry can be traced back to the plantations in Ireland(or immigration as we now call it) I'm a land owner in NI who probably owes this privilege to some poor catholic being disposessed in the 16th century.
If you consider how much trouble we have caused in Ireland since the plantations then how can uncontrolled immigration be a wise move today?
Politicians never seem to learn from history IMO.
Gypsies beg because it is part of their culture a normal nine to five job is anathema to them and that is why they end up getting picked on where ever they go.

Italy has passed a law which allows the authorities to deport gypsies and other anti-socials within 48hrs of their arrest, why doesen't Britain do something similar.
Britain has a culture of consideration for everyone, particularly those who come to the UK from other countries and those who commit crimes.

Its not surprise that Morgan Chanderai got booed by the UK Zims when he suggested that they should go back to Zim where the unemployment rate is 40% and they chase out the minority white farmers who used to grow the food and 15% of the world's tobacco which used to earn Zim a massive amount of foreign currency.

Not surprisingly they felt they had a better chance of employment in the UK where unemployment is less than 8% and we have a culture of wanting a good proportion of black workers in all large companies. We even gave Zim an extra £5M to make them happy ( in spite of our serious financial situation in the UK ).

Not only is unemployment in Zim 40% but the wages are rather low! The manager of Barclays Bank in Bulawayo earns just US $160 per month, thats about £30 a week. Thats less than one day shift in McDonalds in the UK.

A lot of people fought and died for the freedom we hold as being the cornerstone of our society. It was a bloody cornerstone to defend and upholding it is never easy. People should be given the benefit of the doubt when entering this country.

I agree, however, that if they abuse the support and rights given to them they make a mockery of not only those who fought to uphold it but those who work hard every day and provide the taxes for that support. It's a fine balancing act, one no administration has gotten right. The current government is keen to have Britain as a beacon of hope to the world, but in doing so it is losing the support of the very people who pay for the luxury and ability to support immigrants.

As long as immigrants work hard (and no matter how hard they work they will always be perceived as not doing so) I have no issues with their being here. Their taxes will pay for our health care system in old age as our population is aging and they tend to be young.

The one thing I am concerned about over all else is the errosion of British culture. I'm all for Europe being united economically, legally and I appreciate that part of British society has always been the appreciation of other cultures and a degree of diveristy within the country (London is a melting pot and always has been). This hails from the Empire and trade and common wealth. But when these cultures begin to threaten the existence of British culture on its home soil then some rules need to be legislated to protect it. Sadly, this does not fit with our European membership as it is illegal under EU law.

A blanket ban and violent reaction to their race is NOT the way to deal with it, instead immigrants should come here to celebrate English culture (something the Yanks seem to have gotten right). The attacks in Ireland were over the top but there was an underlying reason. The NI didn't just do this cos they felt like it one day, they hold their culture as the most important thing they have (whether Nationalist or Unionist) but violence is not the answer. And racism will only ever fuel more hatred and anger.
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