Radiators downstairs not getting hot?

18 Apr 2005
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United Kingdom

I've got a problem with only my upstairs radiators getting hot (the downstairs ones stay cold). However, if I turn off all the radiators upstairs, the downstairs ones work fine?

The pump was replaced in Oct last year and I've bled all the radiators in the system?

Any help or advice very much appreciated.

Best regards

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Read this //www.diynot.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=6026

Could be a few things at this stage with the info you have given my thoughts are as follows:-

Main point is bad circulation probably caused by one or more of the following

Try turning pump speed up
Your system probably needs balancing
Your system could be full of sludge and the pump is having a hard time moving it
You could have an airlock or other restriction such as a partially opened pump valve
Thanks for quick response.
I should probably add that I can hear water running through the pump (don't know if significant) but can't really hear anything else from it. It does seem very hot to the touch though?

Discovered header tank practically empty the other week (probably about the same time as problem started to occur). I've made sure supply tap is now turned on fully & header tank constantly full, but problem still remains.


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Your feed and expansion (header) tank should be practically empty (water just enough to cover feed pipe at bottom of tank). By filling it you have raised the level of the water (by the same amount) in the expansion pipe which significantly increases the chances of 'pumping over' i.e. water expanding in the pipe and flowing into the tank. This constantly airiates the water in your system and causes significant corrosion. You don't need another problem, lower the level to just above the feed pipe at the bottom of the tank.

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