Recommend a lawn mower - self propelled

20 Mar 2007
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United Kingdom
I have quite a large garden (about third of an acre) and I am considering buying a new mower. I am thinking petrol self propelled but I do not know my Hondas from my Mountfields.

I would appreciate some advice on what spec i should be looking for.
I do not want a gutless piece of rubbish that requires pushing.
Are there any brands to avoid?
Is there a market leader or a machine you would recommend?

Thanks in advance.
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Honda Izy or Honda HRG series would be my choice - you get what you pay for.
Hayter are an excellent make, too and they use Briggs engines I think.
Check out the Stihl Viking range too.
Please don't buy anything Chinese......
John :)
Ditto, and do not buy a mountfield, they used to be the best but they are now one of the worst.
Sadly I have to agree...all those pathetic plastic transmission bits. No wonder the final drive packs in first.
I do have a Mountfield hydro tractor though and although the cutter deck shakes like crazy its never chucked a belt off or snapped one.
John :)
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The honda izy range are very good but I would have to disagree and say that the newer hayters are not what they used to be. The honda's are not great in the wet but if its for domestic use that's not such a problem.

A durable small contractors type mower would be a rover as they are very durable but have less bells and whistles.
I have tried quiet a few and the make I keep comming back to is John Deere. Not cheap but a good quality cut and as tough as old boots.
I've used my latest for 3 years doing some fine lawns as well as a bit of rough grass and it's still going strong. There is a model with a roller if you want stripes. However I have a stiff bristle brush which I can fix to the grass bag when customers ask for those.
rover ones are very good esp in the wet.

get one with an alloy deck as well.
I've got a Honda Izy and couldn't recommend it more - starts first pull every time and runs like a dream.
I favour Honda motors but I'd also say that their roller models aren't very good for (self) propulsion on wet or slightly longish grass.
I have recently switched over to mulching my large lawns instead of collecting the cuttings. I should have done this years ago, it makes the job so easy.

I use a Swedish make called Klippo. It's very well built, does a very good job and the B & S engine has a built in starter spring to save pulling a cord.
i would keep clear from honda due to the expensive spare parts

i use hayter machines every day and would go for them

recently we sent our hayter away to get a new gear box which was £60, the equilivant part for the equivilant honda machine was £800 according to the mechanic

I cant see past the Hayter Harrier 560 pro, it is £1200 but John Deere have an excellant range and we just picked up 2 from them for £500 each and they p!ss all over the hayters
J. Deere for sure :idea: My M8 runs a residential park home site - The monkeys employed there eventually managed to break the J.D after several years of abuse :LOL: So he took it home as it had been written off by the bean counters , and repaired it - it`ll do his lawns for years ;)

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