Removing inspection chamber/rodding point cover.




I have a very slow running waste from the kitchen sink despite a good dose of One-Shot so decided to investigate this w/e. The waste has a two-metre horizontal section under the floorboards (which I thought was causing the problems but seemingly isn't), then goes goes down into concrete beside a circular metal cover set into the concrete under the floorboards. The cover is about 20cm in diameter and has this hemispherical hollow in the middle with a flange across it about 2cm in length.. Since it's a solid flange I figured I needed to somehow unscrew rather than lift (there's nothing to lift against). I tried with a pair of mole grips but not much happened, and I figured this was a bad idea, a bit akin to putting up some shelves with a jeweler's screwdriver - something was going to break. I decided first I had better go and buy the correct tool. Does anyone know what this is called? or where to get it? I've asked at B&Q and Wickes, but no joy.

When I fill the sink with water I get to see some liquid around the edges of the metal cover, but for some reason it doesn't really go anywhere in spite of the fact that there's a meter of water over it. Lucky for me I guess.
I'm a little apprehensive about what I might find when I lift the cover, and whether it will be under any pressure, but I figure if the water goes away eventually, it's probably OK to lift it (some time after draining the sink). I don't think I have any other choice, since the angle I'd have to rod through going the other way would be more than 45 degrees and I'm not sure the rod would make it to the kitchen. I also read somewhere that you don't really want to rod against the flow, then again I read somewhere else that it's perfectly OK.

Can someone set my mind at rest that I have to get this inspection cover open somehow and work from that end, or is this something I shouldn't be attempting? Also, any tips about how to shift that cover?


(not to scale)

| Next door |
|Front |O--------?---------O |
|Garden /| \ \ |
| / | \ \ | Rear garden
| / | Soil Metal |
| / | Stack cover |
| /\/ | |
|/ \ | |
|\ / | |
| \/Drain| |
| Next door |

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i have no idea what so ever, but a picture would help (to be certain) adding a picture info is in forum information




I should probably point out that (for scale) the pipe in the top right is 40mm, and the house was built in 1976.

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In the end there were two screws one on each side - just hidden under loads of crud. You can only barely make out one of them from the picture.

Unfortunately now I have another problem - after removing the reachable bits and pieces from under the cover the path is still blocked, The pipe goes down 50cm or so, then turns through a bend too tight for my rods so I can't use them. I've also tried with a spring, but that seems to just come up agains something impenetrable (probably limescale considering the amount of it I've pulled out of the hole).

I'm wondering if I should call the professionals, or do they make rods of different elasticity for such problems? I've only really seen one type.

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