Rendering cost per Sqm

14 Jun 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi, can anyone share any rough costs for rendering.

Got a large 100 sqm rendering job that I would like to undertake, but due to only doing internal walls have do idea on costings.

I was gonna work on the £30 a sqm price.

Its close to london and for skimming can normally get £15 so what do you think.......?

Also how long would you reckon it would take you?

Cheers guys,
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Hi Dazzer,

Like you, I have no idea on price for external rendering. Is that £30 per sq m inclusive of materials? Obviously material costs will be significantly higher than a couple of bags of finishing plaster.

To be honest, I'd say the best way to price it is to determine how long it will take you and what he materials will cost. Then decide how much you want to earn per day, multiply this by the number of days and add materials.


Fred, cheers for your reply.

that would be easy if it was skimming, where i know i can skim say 200 sq m on board in a week.

but with rendering as i have not attempted it before, not sure on time scales so need to work on a sq m price.

So if anyone can answer i Would most appreiate it.
Ive had some external rendering and internal plastering done and based on your price per m2 for skimming boards then your rendering price is consistent.

Having said that your skimming price is waaaaaaayyyyy more than I would pay!!

Even based on your own figures of 200m2 at £15pm2 thats £3000 for a weeks work .... Nice
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Yeah that would be nice :D

Most internals are priced between £12 - £15 Per Sqm

The 200 Sqm example, finishing in a week paid £1800 which I was still well happy with. :LOL:

Im Guessing Im gonna go with £30 for this one then.
Just not looking forward to running up and down the ladder.

Another Question....

When the scratch coats on, is it possible to do the top coat in stages, i.e 2x2 metre squares, or does the whole area need to be applied and floated together.?
Its just the side of the house is 13 x 5.50 metres.


Don't want to sound funny but i think you need another spread (with more experience) to give you a lift. Rendering and achieving a good level finish is a lot harder than bonding out or skimming a few internal walls.

you should be able to put scratch on in one day although you can do what you want with that seeing your not going to see it

Then top in one go. definitely NOT in patches. If the area is quite large (say an old 3 storey or large Victorian house) then i sometimes put a bellcast half way down. I then start from the top, render to the bead then call it a day and get down the pub. Following day do the lower half.

If its a gable end thats quite tall then you can run an expansion bead down from the central apex to the floor. Again you can then do one half one day and the other, next day.

If you try to do square sections, it WILL look like a patchwork quilt.

Good luck mate.
Yeah your right I know.

I just thought the way you can blend skim together you might be able to do the same with render.

I think your right about the help.
Last year I had 2 lads with me, but became a pain in the arse, so reluctant to call them again.

Might start phoning around for another spread in need of work near me.

Need to get back with a price soon so better sort it quickly.

Cheers for your advise as well...........
15 pound a m2 for skimming you are joking and 200m2 a week you could get a proper spread to do that in 3 days

That post is 2 years old :eek: You bored with nothing better to do than look through old posts ??

Agree with your comments though :D If he was a spread, he would be answering questions, not asking them.
thermal insulation min 50mm (max 500mm), best quality materials, render finish with texture around £80m2 + scafold
I hope the OP didnt tell the punter he had never rendered a wall before, let alone a 100m2 gable on ladders, before he advised that the price was 30 quid a metre ... ?

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